Monday, December 26, 2011

Photos of the Latest

lululemon back on track jacket and pig pink stay on course fleece running tights
lululemon back on track jacket and pig pink fleece stay on course running tights

lululemon pig pink stay on course fleece running tight with back on track jacket in coal shale stripe
The Pig Pink Stay On Course fleece tight looks really cute with the Coal Pig Shale Stride Back on Track jacket. The plaid pattern has lines of pig pink in it.

lululemon stay on course brushed luxtreme pullover
A rare photo of the black Stay On Course brushed luxtreme pullover. Lots of discussion online today as to whether this is a size down item or not. My store didn't get it so I wasn't able to try it on. However, after going through the photos it looks  like most people took their regular size. People are saying it's a few inches longer than the Ambition pullover.

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue
lululemon stay on course running pullover
Note the headband - it's a slipless.

lululemon stay on course pullover in pigment blue close up view
Some more photos of the Stay on Course Pullover.

lululemon back on track tank in pigment blue stripe

lululemon back on track tank in silver spoon stripe
Photos of the Back on Track tank. I think the Silver Spoon striped one is the prettiest of them all. In the top photo, the bra portion has ridden up a bit, erasing her waist. This happened to me when I tried it on. I had to pull the tank into place.

lululemon back on track long sleeve running top in pigment blue
Noticeable shoulder poofs
lululemon back on track long sleeve top
Silverescent knit under arm panels
lululemon black back on track baselayer running top
Back on Track LS Photos

lululemon run response shorts
My husband was horrified at the $84 dollar price tag on the new silver Response shorts.

back on track pullover zipper detail

lululemon back on track pullover mid layer
Photo of the Pig Pink running luon Back on Track Pullover. My store didn't get this.

lululemon black back on track running jacket
 Back on Track Jacket in Black with the Pigment Back on Track skirt.

lululemon stay on course running jacket in pigment blue
The Pigment Stay On Course Jacket with the white Back on Track Skirt.

lululemon baby blue light as air mens short
Baby Blue Light as Air Shorts

lululemon mens kick tech shirt and sapphire blue response shorts
Baby Blue Kick Tech Shirt with Sapphire Shorts


Anonymous said...

I hope lulu comes out with a wunder under in the cobalt blue salt and pepper color! The salt and pepper variety would be much more forgiving than the recently released wunders (in bright blue and paris pink).

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Run For It crop? I was looking forward to ordering a shorter crop, but wasn't pleased with the lone pink top one that was uploaded last week and now it is gone completely. Have people seen it at stores? I need it for spin!

Tite Mélan said...

Just bought the Stay on Course Pullover in black :)))))))))) I LOVE it! I find this TTS but if you have big chest, you will need to size up. This is by far the best pullover!!

Anonymous said...

Tried on the BoT LS yesterday. Loved the pigment blue color... Unfortunately, my regular sz 6 seemed to bag a little under the arms - think diaper butt, but along the sides and armpits. Everything else fit well, so sizing down would have been a no go. Shame....

Tite Mélan said...

LLA - Do you know when we will see "flash" and "wild lime" online?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:28- I also noticed that the Run For It Crop never seemed to show up- it looked so cute in all the blog pictures but I never saw it in the stores or the site. I didn't get the pink ones because I didn't want to deal with the bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:17 --it's Anon 7:28. I finally went to LuLu Union Square (NYC) and they had an all-black and a camo top one with grey piping. I bought both because I am super short! They are pretty cute in real life though I think I liked some of the longer crops better but they looked like too-short pants on me! Hopefully they will go back on the web again.

Anonymous said...

Passing on a heads-up to any fellow SoCal LLAs re: the Wunder Unders pictured below with the Pigment and White Striped No Limit tank -

They're avaiable at the Beverly Hills location. I was there today and spotted them. They're super soft (somewhat similar to my mini check reversible WUs) and a light grey color.

BH also has the grey no limit tank with flash accents. No other flash items spotted tho - lots of striped and back on track in stock though (and left-over boxing day loot too!)

Anonymous said...

Love the Pig Pink. How similar is it to Pink Mist?? It looks more pinker than pink mist. If so the run back on track jacket looks gorgeous. Anyone see it in a So Cal store??

Anonymous said...

Pig pink definitely pinker (a bit more bubble gum) than pink mist.

I tried the Back on Track LS today and found my size to be a little loose in the bust/ribcage area but. The gathered shoulders looked fine on me actually. It was a cute going-out top but not soft enough for me to buy one.

Anonymous said...

Re: new colors. Was at Whyte Ave Edmonton location and there was one lone heathered tree frog power Y bra hanging around. Not sure where it came from! Happy to know that new colors are coming tho!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 5:26 -- the Pig Pink run jacket looks beautiful and I like that it is pinker than the Pink Mist. Thanks for answering!!

Anonymous said...

I think the back on track long sleeve is very flattering on. I thought it ran a bit bigger so I sized down and the shoulder seams lie much flatter.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think the pig pink wunder unders might look like skin from a distance?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:21 pm - one of the ladies on my lulu board bought a pair of the pig tights and she posted her husband said it made her look like she was naked. I bet heads will turn when you run in them.