Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photos of the Latest

lululemon run for it luxtreme crops
Run: For It Crops in Paris

lululemon will pants in black pique

lululemon will yoga pants
A couple more photos of the new Will pants. The top photo is instructive if you have more of a pear shape, like I do. If you make these again lulu, make them to a twelve please.

lululemon plum wunder under crops
Plum Wunder Unders

lululemon deep camo green wunder under crops
Deep Camo Wunder Unders

lululemon paris pink wunder unders
Paris Pink Wunder Unders

lululemon pigment blue wunder under crops
Pigment Blue Wunder Unders
The colored Wunder Unders are probably pretty picked over in the stores but here are a few more photos of them.

lululemon pigment blue define jacket
The Pigment Blue Define looks really dark in this photo.

lululemon mens kung fu jacket
Kung Fu Pant

lululemon mens pacific run pants
Pacific Run Pant - Dark Slate
My husband wore his new Work to Play pants to work today and really liked them. In fact, he liked them so much he bought an older style pair of Trek pants he had been watching on eBay. (They have a zipper in the front. He doesn't like the sweat pant-style lulu pants.) He thinks the iPhone pocket in the WtP is pretty awesome since it fits his phone in its big Otterbox case. I initially didn't think I liked the flap pockets on the back of the pant but I think it helps give the illusion of a rear if your guy is rather butt-challenged (i.e., doesn't have a hockey butt), such as the guy in the top photo.

lululemon mens reverse long sleeve running top
lululemon womens turn around long sleeve running top

I guess the mens Reverse LS and the ladies Turn Around LS aren't that similar.

lululemon black and white striped shirt
My husband thought this was a great top if you wanted to work on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.


Anonymous said...

LOL Luluaddict! Your husband has really gone off the deep end for Lulu products--two new pairs of pants, getting up early for an upload day shorts purchase and now an ebay pants purchase, all in about a week. He's got it bad!! (welcome to the club Mr. LLA!)

yogibabe said...

Yeah! And we even get his "two cents worth" on the Disney Pirate top. :) He will be a "regular" on this blog yet!!

Anonymous said...

Were the colored WU pants ever uploaded to the US site? I've been waiting for the plum pants so I passed on the plum crops that were uploaded. Hope I didn't miss out.

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Hey LuluAddict,
I am curious -- What does the top photo of the Will Pants teach those of us who are pear shape, in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

To anon 11:37PM the coloured WU Crops were uploaded. No pants online so far.

Anonymous said...

The Will Pants are cute in theory however the high waist defeats the purpose of wunder unders in my opinion. The thicker waist pant of normal lulu pants create an optical illusion of a small butt. The Will pants create the illusion of a larger butt (unless the the waistband is rolled down). I just don't think it is a very flattering look. In the above pictures you can see how her butt looks longer ( like old fashion "mom jeans") despite the fact that she is a very skinny girl.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if that color of the Turn Around LS has come out yet?

Kristina said...

Anon 8:03am, yes that colour came out with the first batch in stores and on the web. I have it and it is really nice.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:17 AM - Thanks! Hope the colored WU pants get uploaded next. And the Stay On Course pullover.

LuluAddict said...

@ Stephanie - when I tried on the Will pants I thought the pockets drew unwanted attention to my thighs, which are not thin. When I saw that photo I used it to imagine a version with & without the pockets and whether it added visual width to her thighs or not. I'm not being mean about her shape. Many women are pear shaped and carry weight in their upper thighs. Lots of people who buy lulu can't get to a store to try on the pants so seeing people with the same body shape wear an item they're thinking of getting is useful.

Stephanie said...

Thanks LuluAddict and Anon @7:51 am.
That's helpful for me. I didn't think you were being mean, I just wondered what your conclusion was, as I think I am pear-shaped, as well. Yeah... I am not close to a store but went ahead and ordered them, so we'll see what they look like... but they not be the most flattering on me. :( They might be going back.

Anonymous said...

I find that very high waisted pants - like the Will pants - make everyone's butt look flat. Blech.