Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photos of the Latest

Pigment Blue Stay On Course Pullover

Heathered Pigment Blue CRB

New White Coal Skinny Wee Stripe Wunder Unders.

Great instructive photo showing the fit of different lulu pants on the same girl. From left to right the pants are: Wunder Unders, Recognition Pants, Groove Pants, Studio Pants, and Still Pants.

Paris Pink white microstripe Stay On Course tank shown with Will Pants.

New Knockout shorts in Paris Pink microstripe and black and white microstripe were uploaded this morning and are arriving in the stores. I know a lot of people like these for Crossfit.

Mens Run: Response shorts in Sapphire Blue. They are selling fast on the US side of the website.


Lauren said...

LLA, how does brushed luxtreme compare to tech fleece in terms of warmth? I'm actually hoping the stay on course pullover won't be as warm as my spirit tech fleece pullover so I can justify having both ;) I love your blog!!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The white coal wee stripe WU don't look that good on the wearer. She has a great body, so this is not meant to be critical of her, but I just don't think that particular WU will look good on everyone. I definitely would not look my best in them.

yogibabe said...

The Heathered Pigment Blue CRB looks like a Power Y, does it not? At least it is wishful thinking for me! Would love a Power Y with a solid pigment blue straps and trim. :)

LuluAddict said...

@ Lauren - The brushed luxtreme is not nearly as warm as the tech fleece. Maybe some cold weather runners can chime in on this, too.