Friday, December 9, 2011

Photos of the Latest

lululemon chai time pullover
I definitely like this sweater better when it fits closer to the body.

lululemon dressage pant
lululemon dressage pant close up

lululemon dressage pant details
Dressage pant in black (top photo) and detailed photos of the two-tone slub denim version.

lululemon back on track tech short sleeve shirt
The Back on Track SS Tech top.For some reason stores aren't posting many photos of this. It pulls on this women through the bra strap area. If you go to the web model photos, it pulls on her in that area, too. I wonder if it runs snug through the chest.

lululemon speed shorts in paris pink
I can see why the Paris Pink Speed shorts are a hot item. They are very eye-catching.

lululemon paris pink power y tank
A close up of the Park Pink white microstripe Power Y tank.

lululemon black macro micro stripe cool racerback tank
Nice close up of the Black Macro Micro CRB.

lululemon glacier lace run: inspire crops

lululemon inspire crops glacier lace print
Glacier Lace print Run: Inspire Crops.

lululemon striped scuba hoodie
Photos of the bold striped scuba hoodies in the Silver Spoon and the Black and White. Seeing them together I prefer the Silver Spoon.

lululemon charcoal wunder under pants
Heathered Charcoal Wunder Under pants. One of my favorite pair of still pants that I own are my heathered charcoal. It's such a great color to pair with black.


Jennifer K. said...

I tried on the paris pink speed shorts today and they're very odd. They just didn't fit the way the speed shorts usually fit me. There seemed to be some baggy ass going on. I love the color, but I've already passed on two of the newer style tops because of an excess fabric issue and now the shorts in the color. I'm a bit disappointed. I know it isn't my shape because stuff in other colors/styles fits fine.

The markdown rack was FULL of the harem pants. LOL!

I walked away with nothing.

Anonymous said...

harem pants are on mark down at $79ho-ho-ha!

Anonymous said...

the sweater in the top pic fits exactly like the po in the same color i got today in my local store. i sized up for a better fit/look. this is a much better version in terms of style and fabric. must see in person! i might get one more in white.

Anonymous said...

are those heathered charcoal wunder unders the organic cotton fabric ones or the luon fabric ones?

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:42 am - I'm 99% sure they are luon. I haven't read of new organic cotton ones coming out lately.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between 2 and 4- way stretch in the speed shorts? I have many pairs and some fit differently than others. Wondering if this is why.

Anonymous said...

I tried on the Glacier Lace print Run: Inspire Crops this morning and didn't like how the glacier print looks when it expanded on my calf.

carla0338 said...

Were the charcoal wonder unders online already? I can't seem to find them.