Monday, December 5, 2011

Photos of the Latest

Photo showing the reverse (mini check) side of the new Paris Pink Run: Turn Around LS.

The new Back on Track Skirt also comes in black.

A close shot of the white Run: Your Heart Out tank.


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Anonymous said...

Kinda OT (but not really, if you're interested in the white pullover), but I bought a Paris Pink slipless headband this weekend to supplement my black collection. I soaked it in the sink, no bleeding. Well, after wearing it once, I got a spot on it, so I wet the area and scrubbed it out. When I went to dry it on a towel, low and behold, the color rubbed off everywhere. I soaked it again, this time the sink water turned bright pink. I will be buying NO other PP items, so just be careful with this white pullover. Shame, b/c I wanted the Pink Hustle Jacket for xmas, but I'm afraid the luon cuffs will bleed everywhere.