Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photos - Men's Kung Fu in Black, Stay On Course Tank, Run: Your Heart Out and More

I couldn't resist adding this photo.
This is the black version of the Kung Fu outfit I posted the other day. The Kung Fu Jacket and matching pant make a cute lulu track outfit for the guys.

Another color in the $198 Polar Opposite jacket. It reverses to brushed fleece on the inside. Still not sure if I like this jacket.

The best photo I have seen yet showing the true color of the Paris Pink White Microstripe Power Y. It looks muted in a lot of the photos but when you see it in person it's still pretty bright.

Paris Pink Stay On Course tank shown with matching Run: Your Heart Out Crops.

Hoping to try this tank on today. I know it would be great for spin but we'll see if it comes home with me today.

Yeah, that's a lot of pink for a grown woman.

 Tinted Canvas No Limit.

Reflection Wrap paired with Pigment Blue Wunder Unders. I've been reading stores are quickly selling out of the colored Wunder Unders.

 A couple of photos in bright daylight showing the true color of the Paris and Pigment Blue Wunder Under pants.

New Grooves with a Coal Tinted Canvas waistband.

The latest holiday shopper. The lulu symbol is a patch.


Anonymous said...

Web site down at the moment???

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some more mature colors in wunder unders

LuluAddict said...

I would love a deep camo Wunder Unders. That would have been so pretty.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeek fix the website!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked and yep, it's down

Anonymous said...

I would love deep camo studios!

screenshop said...

Love the kung fu guy jumping pic!

amazr said...

Would have LOVED to see a Black Swan Wunder Under!

Anonymous said...

i would totally buy wunder under crops in a bright lime green! speed shorts too! i was so excited when treefrog started coming out but it was just a teaser. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

GAH hate the pink pants.