Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photos - Heathered Pigment Power Y, Salt N Pepper Scuba

lululemon pigment blue power y yoga tank
New Power Y is here in Heathered Pigment Blue. I also read there are new Speed shorts coming in Pigment Blue and White stripe (the photo shows the silver spoon stripe version). I'll post as soon as I find a photo of them.

lululemon coal salt and pepper scuba hoodie
Another photo of the Coal Slub Salt and Pepper Scuba.


Anonymous said...

Just came home with the coal salt and pepper scuba which is sooo gorgeous in person. Initially planned on getting the pigment blue scuba from looking at the pictures but the coal one has a much more beautiful texture look to it in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Will there be an upload tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:02...I did the same thing today!! I initially went in to buy the pig blue scuba and ended up with the coal salt and pepper one instead!! GORGEOUS in person! The picture does not do it justice. Also one of the girls told me that the Flash items are not going to be out until Feb!! I live in Washington State. I'm so sad. I was expecting them way sooner than that!!

Anonymous said...

The educator in the video for the Destined For Greatness duffle is wearing the Salt and Pepper scuba, I think. Spotted it a couple of weeks ago, and now that's it's been uploaded, I'm dying to get (yet) another scuba. Is this one soft to wear?

Anonymous said...

I stopped by the Park Royal store today and they had the pig pink back on track tights marked down already. They were $79.

I have bought way too much lately. I ordered the black swan turn around vest, a pig pink run distance pullover, a heathered blurred grey back on track pullover, coal quick step pants, and a brisk ear warmer. Merry Christmas to me.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:58 pm - Thanks for the info about the flash stuff. That kind of makes sense. Lulu needs to put out all the pig pink, pigment blue, and silver spoon items. I am kind of disappointed, though. I am looking forward to flash and lime.

I thought the same thing about the coal salt and pepper scuba. Thought I would like the blue version better but the coal is very striking and looks great with black pants. Both are super pretty.