Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photos from Australia

I did a search of the blog and my photo files but I don't think I've mentioned a Hot N Sweaty Bra in the White Coal Tinted Canvas Print before. It's shown with a matching pair of Boogie Shorts. This photo is from Australia so I'm not sure if these pieces are in North America yet.

lululemon paris pink boogie shorts
Heathered Coal Paris Pink/White Micro Stripe Boogie Shorts shown with the Heathered Smokey Rose Cool Racerback tank.

lululemon persian purple power y tank
This Power Y tank went straight to the We Made Too Much section in North America but it's the Persian Purple Soft Mini Check.

lululemon pigment blue and white cool racerback tank
Pigment Blue and White Stripe Cool Racerback (currently only in Australia)


momof5 said...

I LOVE this blue and white striped tank -- havent seen a bad picture of it yet!!

Anonymous said...

LLA, am I imagining things or did you mention the Hot n' Sweaty Bra is also coming out in Paris Pink?

Anonymous said...

OT question -

So I am new this year to Lulu, and purchased the Full Tilt long sleeve back in Sept. I loooove this top, ran my first marathon in it, yada yada yada. Well, I pulled it off the drying rack in my garage this week w/ a HUGE rip across the banded bottom :( I'm sad to say it looks like either my puppy or some other garage creature got to it, bc I can't imagine the washer doing that.

Anyway, long story short... does Lulu normally release a 2nd style of running luon long sleeve, or are we thinking this top was it for this year? just wondering if I should hold out, or start scouring the interwebz for one.


LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:54 pm - Lulu usually does running luon pullovers in the fall and early spring you are in luck.