Thursday, December 29, 2011

Photos - Flash Deep Breath, Pig Striped No Limit Tank, and More

lululemon deep breath tank in flash
Flash Deep Breath tank. As far as I can tell, this top is only in Canada right now.

Pig Striped Deep Breath Tank - so sharp looking!

lululemon pig pink striped no limit tank
Pig Pink and White Striped No Limit tank - really liking this one

lululemon heathered pigment power y
Heathered Pigment Blue Power Y

lululemon free to be sports bra in white
White Free to Be Bra

lululemon shine your heart out vest with pig pink swiftly short sleeved top
Shine Your Heart Out Vest with a short sleeve Swiftly in Pig underneath.


Kristina said...

Looks like the cross my heart tank will be coming out in pink pig. Its in the picture above the yoga section on the website.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the deal with the facebook groups? i have sent requests to all of them (this just in, lulu exchange, etc) and nothing! :( i'm super bummed. anyone else have any luck? or a member of these groups have any advice for me? thanks in advance....(FYI i shop at my store weekly and place at least 1 internet order a week...i have a sickness and am looking for my peeps, lol)

Anonymous said...

lol @Anon 3:21. Just be careful a lot of people on the exchange like to take your money and not send the product, but you cover your butt by charing the 3% paypal fee. Dont send any money as a gift. and you are so funny, I know I have a serious problem driving 190 miles for a $79 shirt. and I havent even taken the tags off of it.I feel like the night before uploads I cant sleep at night because I'm so excited for the uploads. lol you are not alone! =)

Anonymous said...

lol anon 3:26!! I'm the same way for the uploads! i feel like it's christmas eve and i'm waiting for santa to drop off my gifts. if i wake up in the middle of the night i'll reach over and check my iphone to see if the upload has happened yet! yeah...i've got issues :) at least i'm not alone!!

Anonymous said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it could have been me who wrote the post above. Trying to find a way to forever block the lululemon site from all of my electronic devices, so I can not shop anymore. I DO NOT NEED anything else. I have enough athletic workout (a lot of it still brand new) to get me through the four seasons for the next 10 years, doing yoga, pilates, weights, running trail, cycling, dancing, hiking, you name it. From the dozen of yoga mats to the gym water bottles in every size and colours to match each outfit. It's out of control... Never mind that I don't even live in a country with a lululemon store.

Anonymous said... new bag?

yogibabe said...

Sleeping with the phone under the pillow..sheesh...that's me too, on upload nights. I blame it on lulu, for being so erratic with their upload time. Life used to be simpler when the uploads were at 7am, PST! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just got the Deep Breath in pigment blue. OMG, OMG, so striking and flattering. I had looked on the racks and didn't see it, but I told the sales person that I was waiting for it to arrive, and she swore they had it and ran and got it for me. It was on the racks; I just didn't see it.

The top actually looks nice on me, where others don't (I'm bigger chested than the typical Lululady, I guess). Does anyone know if there are some clearance colors in stores now? I forgot to look.

This is probably the best looking cami of all on me. Well, the Scoop looks nice but feels bad (neck).

I also got a red energy bra. Had to size up high for that. That's the only bra that interests me. Mostly, the Champions serve me just fine.

They had a heathered lavender Define in my size leftover, which was so tempting, except for the augmented $108 price tag. I just got a gorgeous Define on eBay for $55. It's close to pigment blue, but an older color; more purple-ish So I'm set for now. ... For now...

There was still a lot of clearance stuff left. You should have seen all the Harem Pants. I swear, those aren't going anywhere. There were other relaxed fit pants, too. But who buys Lulu for relaxed fit? For that, I can go to Target.

@anon3:21, I joined the Exchange a few weeks ago. Maybe the moderator is just busy with holidays. Hold tight! And @3:26, thanks for the warning.

And everyone, thanks for making me feel not so crazy in my sudden addiction.

Anonymous said...

^forgot to add that the messenger bag was from a Houston product notification

Anonymous said...

The pig pink deep breath looks like it has better coverage than the first release. I am hopeful that this run I might actually be able to wokr out it! Yeah!

Oh and the TJI group limits its members. But they do a roll call every so often and remove members who are not active. The admin keeps people on a waiting list who want to get in and lets them in when she removes the inactive ones. I think there is a roll call coming up after the holidays so it should be soon. I love the group but to be honest it has only fueled my addiction! : )

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this has been mentioned but I saw a no limit tank with a coal (or maybe blurred gray)body and a flash bra. Flash is a gorgeous but bright color.

Anonymous said...

@6:44, I don't recall seeing it online, either, but I saw that one on someone in class tonight, too. It looked great on her. I couldn't pull it off with my Irish coloring, but she rocked it. It must be in our local store, but I forgot to look.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any run products in Flash?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pig pink and silver spoon No Limit Tanks! I always assumed I wouldn't care for this style on me, but now I am definitely ready to give it a try.

Does anyone know the difference between pig pink and pink mist? I cannot tell from the pictures I've seen so far. Ant help would be so much appreciated!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:35 pm - I've seen Swiftly tank and tees in flash, luxtreme crops, and run shorts coming in flash. Those are all out in Australia right now.

@ anon 5:26 pm - if you are looking for marked down Deep Breath tanks, there are luxtreme versions in the We Made Too Much section on the website. I thought I saw some in my local stores too but I don't think in the batch of stuff they had out for the 26th.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:21- I also have had no luck with joining any of the lulu private FB pages. Sent requests to join months ago and still have not been let in. Grr.

Anonymous said...

5:41 is right - TJI limits its members to 1200. I think a roll call is coming up soon and the admin will remove inactive members and add the new people waiting (it's actually a ton of work for her) so hang in there!!
I think the exchange has stopped accepting new members because of a bunch of issues they have had, but I could be wrong.