Saturday, December 24, 2011

NEW! "Salt and Pepper" Scuba Hoodies

lululemon scuba hoodie pigment blue

lululemon scuba hoodie gray
There are three new "salt and pepper" Scubas coming out. The top is the Deep Coal Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper (DPSP). There is also a Silver Spoon Pig Pink Slub Salt and Pepper (SSSP) and a DSSP but I don't know what that stand for. I think the second photo is the DSSP version but I'm not sure what DS stands for. I'm thinking Deep Coal something. When I find out I'll update. The pigment blue is pretty but I'd like to see a close up photo of the material. There was a Salt and Pepper Scuba earlier this year - Heathered Charcoal Heathered Heron Salt N Pepper Gray.

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