Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NEW!! Run: Stay On Course Pullover

Dang! Another pretty new pullover. This one is brushed luxtreme, similar (if not identical) to last year's Ambition Pullover, which was well-liked. Reviewing my try on review of the Ambition last year I see I found it snug in the shoulders and chest so I wonder if that has been tweaked for this go around. I guess we'll find out. It's coming in Pig Pink, Pigment Blue, and Black sizes 2-12.

  • Stay on course in this long-length, body-skimming midlayer
  • Made of 4-way stretch, inherently wicking, quick drying, power luxtreme™ fabric with brushed back for added warmth
  • Body-mapped with anti-stink circle mesh
  • Convertable hood provides customizable warmth & ventilation
  • Thumbholes & tuckins keep hands warm
  • Set-your-ponytail-free from your hood
  • Secure pocket for your stuff
  • Chafe-resistant flat seams
 Stay on Course pullover in Pigment Blue.


    Anonymous said...

    This pullover does look pretty similar to the Ambition Pullover which I really like. Can't wait for all the winter running items to come to my store. Any idea how much this costs?

    Anonymous said...

    pig pink is doing nothing for me. i find i get too much makeup on light pinks and whites. boo!

    momof5 said...

    I am loving this one -- loooks so soft and pretty!

    ChiRunner said...

    Can't wait for the blue to show up in stores. Last year's Ambition Pullover is probably my all time favorite.

    Anonymous said...

    I just drooled on my keyboard..

    Anonymous said...

    Not crazy about that neckline.

    Anonymous said...

    Loooove the blue! NEED.

    Tite Mélan said...

    is it tts???? I like the fit of the pig pink.... The Blue one looks more fitted on the model. Do I need to size up???

    Anonymous said...

    I think the brunette model who has now changed her hair color to more blonde is a bt smaller frame than the blonde model. They are both wearing a size 6 and I think the old brunette (now blonde) needs to wear a size 4 in most f the clothes. They always look big on her. This pullover s fitted.