Monday, December 5, 2011

New! Glacier Lace Define and More

New White Define with Glacier Lace pattern accents - very eye-catching!

Speed shorts in a black glacier lace pattern. I think I would like a CRB or Power in this dark version.

Nice close up of the Paris Pink Pure Balance jacket.


anonymous said...

The kc store got the pure balance jacket in a beautiful gray color. I tried it on, but agree with a previous poster- the downward ruching across the chest (not really evident in above pic) gives the appearance of odd saggy boobs :( haha

Anonymous said...

i saw the pure balance jacket in gray in the store today. looks and feels very polyestery and outdated.

Tasha said...

So this Paris Pink Pure Balance jacket WILL BLEED?!

It's lovely, but I'm afraid to take a chance since I'll get absent minded with the wash.

Boo. :(

Holly Jones said...

Upload of new items this morning, including the tinted canvas Scuba!

Maybe they really are moving the uploads to Tuesdays, now.

yogibabe said...

OT-Hey Anon who wanted the Currant Define! It's finally uploaded, so get yours quick! :)
I got the Tinted Canvas Scuba. Still waiting for the Glacier Lace Scuba that was uploaded on the Canadian site about two weeks ago, but still not in the US. :(
Wonder if there will be the "usual" upload this Thursday too?