Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NEW! Deep Breath Colors - Pig, Silver Spoon, and Pigment Blue

lululemon deep breath yoga tank pig pink
lululemon deep breath yoga tank silver spoon
Two new pretty colors in the Deep Breath Tank - Pig Pink and Silver Spoon. This is in addition to the pretty new Pigment Blue stripe we saw the other day:

lululemon deep breath tank blue
The pigment blue version is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

That top is just too low cut for me for working out. I would be worried about popping out of it the whole time :-(

yogibabe said...

System overload! I love all three colors, but may have to pass on the Pig Pink as I am planning to get the NLT in the same color. But then again, there is no rule against getting the same color in two different styles! :p

Anonymous said...

I have this top in white and love it but I came apart in the back strap where the luon and mesh meet. Lulu made a mess of the repair.

Anonymous said...

Love the pigment blue Deep Breath. This is the first item in all the new batch that appeals to me. But we'll have to see if my chest can actually take a deep breath comfortably in it. The scoop neck didn't feel good on me in my size (pulled on my neck), and the size larger felt too loose.

But I love the color & cut. I wouldn't wear it for yoga or barre, either. But I would for dancing.

Lulu IT Girl said...

Anon @1:58 pm, I couldn't resist and bought the black one. But I felt self conscience the whole time I was wearing it during yoga especially during the inversions. Next time that's if there is a next time, I might have to safety pin it together to feel comfortable during class.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 2:52 pm - Boo! Can't believe they botched a repair, too.