Monday, December 5, 2011

Need Your Nominations for Best & Worst Lulu of 2011

I am starting to think about listing the Best and Worst Lulu for this year, as I have done for the past couple of years. What was your number one new piece - it has to be a new design or one that was retired for a couple of years? What was your favorite new color or print? What was the worst thing you saw this year?


Anonymous said...

I love my It's a Cinch Dress! Have it in Seabed (which I love). Have managed to transition it to cold weather temps by putting a long cardigan over top and wearing with leggings.

Anonymous said...

I love Integrity Hot Tank in Black Swan

runbum3 said...

best - cuddle up jacket
colour- heathered lilac or paris pink
worst item- harem pants

Anonymous said...

Favorite color: Currant

Anonymous said...

best - pure focus tank
Worst - harems
color - Black swan, wren

Anonymous said...

Favorite print unicorn tears. I wear it and still get tons of compliments and the tanks add a splash to black and coal. Favorite item, jog skirt. Flattering without all the fuss.

Anonymous said...

Cuddle Up and Jog skirt aren't new items...technicalities....

Teresa said...

I LOVE my flouncy Run:Willpower skirt! The tiers make me feel like I am in a ballet tutu. So cute and fun for running. Favorite thing I bought this year.

Anonymous said...

Best colour: Paris pink
Best jacket: gw obviously lol
Best tank: turbo tank
Best bag: triumph tote ( feather print)
Best bra: energy ( in Paris pink :) )
I wasn't overly thrilled with any new pants or shirts this year. :(

Anonymous said...

Best print was ikat from early in the year. My fav sweater is the dwbh. Worst item of the year ( most useless) would be the poncho and tutu ( can u imagine an outfit with them together?!?)

Bridget said...

Print: Unicorn Tears

Anonymous said...

Worst - harem crop, hot & sweaty crop, CRB with zipper that comes w a 'preview' hole, free fall crop and poncho

Anonymous said...

Here is my list:
Best piece (especially in terms of function): Energy bra, for sure. I have begun to replace all of my other bras (50 rep, all sport, etc), and now I already own 6 energy bras. High support, breathable luxtreme, and really pretty at the same time.
Honorable mentions: turbo tank, flow and go, live healthy wrap, city beat pants. (also love staples for me like swiftly tanks and long sleeves, crbs, and speed shorts)
Best color: Iris (NOT the wee stripe version, but the solid color - unfortunately, they only managed to make a few items in this solid color but I snagged them all). Also loved purple crush, beachy green, violaceous, and snorkel blue.
Best print: Unicorn Tears. LOVE IT. Wish I could have bought more in this print.
Worst: Harem Pants, $100 Tutu, and all the price increases coupled with quality issues we saw this year.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3;57 pm - I forgot about the It's a Cinch Dress - it's one of my favorite pieces, too.

yogibabe said...

Best color: Black Swan
Best print: A tie between Unicorn Tears and the new fav, Glacier Lace!
Best fabric: Anything with the Soft Mini Check!
Best Crop: The staple WU crop
Best jacket: A triple tie of Define, Pure Balance (yea!) and Scuba Snowy Owl
Best "fancy" jacket: The Audrey
Best top: SE CRBs, especially with ruffles.

yogibabe said...

Oh, forgot about the worst!
Harem pants/crops and the Poncho, aka the Flying Squirrel!

screenshop said...

Best print : Snowy Owl - wish they'd make it in a define

Best new items: Triumph Tote and Pritti Tank

Worst items: Harem Pants and Tutu

Luvlulu said...

Favorite item: DSC's. I lived in these all summer
Fav Tank: Circuit
Fav Jacket: Audrey
Color: Violaceous

Anonymous said...

love the willpower and weightless skirts! Love the DS Jacket and it's a cinch dress. Also I'm putting in a vote for loving the riding jacket since there are so many haters out there!

Anonymous said...

worst: GW wrap
color: black swan
best: snowy owl scuba

amazr said...

Best colors -Black Swan, Dewberry, Persian purple, Currant, Surge
Worst - Treefrog & Paris Pink (sorry but it hurts my eyes and bleeds on everything!)
Favorite Tanks - Run for your Life & Run Free
Best Pants - City Beat & Quick Step
Best Top - Run Turn around LS
Best Bra - Energy
Misc. Worst - Harem Pants, Tutu, Hang loose pant

Anonymous said...

Dance Studio Jacket is my absolute favorite! I love it so much!

Anonymous said...

Best- Don't Hurry, Be Happy Pullover- LOVE! Also, the basic black speed skirt was a summer go-to item for running.

Best Color- The Paris Pink was a major score

Worst- no shocker, the harem (aka I took a dump pants) and the squirrel coat.

screenshop said...

OK, what the heck is the squirrel coat?!

Anonymous said...

Best Sports Bra: Free To Be
Best Scuba: Snowy Owl Print
Best SE Scuba: Ghost Herringbone -- becomes a vest.
Best Pant#1: Tie between:WU Reversable Soft Mini Check and WU Herringbone
Best Pant #2: Work It Out in camo-pique and denim slub AND Dance Studio crops.
Best Tank: SE CRB with ruffle
Best Top: Power Technique in Soft Mini Check
Best Vest: Get Down Vest
Best Define: Tie between Blk Soft Mini Check and Deep Camo pique
Best Scarf: Vinyasa-anything
Best Jacket: Solace
Best Color: Black Denim Slub and Deep Camo and Wren
Worst Color: Tree Frog
Best Pullover: Apres
Thanks for a great year LuLu!!

yogibabe said...

Heehee! It's the Poncho. :) aka the Flying Batgirl too.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the poncho...!

Anonymous said...

Best print: unicorn tears
Best color: heathered paris pink
Best jacket: Off the mat
Best bra: Energy
Best pants: work it out in camo pique and denim slub tie with sequence pants
Best tank: Turbo tank
Best scuba: snowy owl
Best winter item: The new down pullover
Worst color: tree frog
Worst item: the poncho
Shorts: speeds still reign supreme even though they are not "new" fave speeds this year are the unicorn tears.

Tifferoo said...

Worst: "SACRES" manifesto, or the fact that some did not consider this a defect or flaw!
Best colors: neutral:ghost, pink mist (neutral for me). Color: Black Swan, Paris Pink, Currant, Dewberry
Best new jacket: dance studio or cool down
Best new pant: (DSP's will always rule, though not new) yoga camp, equanimity
Best bras: energy, cross your heart
Best luxtreme: Mind over Matter crops and pullovers

Anonymous said...

Worst: harem pants!
Best colors: black swan
Best pant: Astro wunder unders (not sure if it is new to combine astro waistband with WU crop bottoms?)

Anonymous said...

oooh - i forgot the sing floss travel jacket. i have it in 6 colors!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sing Floss Travel jacket.

Love the Black Herringbone print.

Chili Pepper gets my vote for color, although I haven't seen it in anything for women yet this year.

Quilted Still Groovy Bag, favorite bag.

Favorite top: V Neck Swifty.

Fail: Harem Pants, Batman Poncho, Run Your Heart Out Pullover (reminds me of a washboard, and not the good abdominal kind).

Amanda said...

Best colour: black swan!

Best Bag: Wanderlust rucksack in Royalty... I can actually take this backpack around without looking like I'm in highschool.

Best bottoms: Acro Crop

Best print: Embossed peacock lace

Wish I had bought; Blackswan Creekside Camo Scuba, Black swan life simply

Bought on a Whim and Glad I did: City to Yoga Jacket

Most functional Jacket: Sing Floss Travel Jacket / Live simply (Very similar)

Stupid Lulu moves: super expensive intro price on split shorts meant loads of them on the Clearance rack.

Making scuba's so darn expensive


Harem pants (Didn't they make this mistake once already)

Why not?: peacock lace on black swan.

Anonymous said...

Faves: 2 reds (Currant and Tango red) in a year, Black Seabed wunder unders, Hang Loose pants and Harem pants (I really, really do)

Worst: the creep up in prices for things like CRB, legwarmers, Vinyasa Scarf (and poor quality with each new batch)

So much hate on the poor harems... But then again, the more hate on it, the cheaper I can buy it for myself and rock it! (bc some people actually do!)

Anonymous said...

Best Bra: Energy
Best coat: The Audrey
Jacket: Stride
Favorite colors: Citron, black swan, dewberry
Favorite bottoms: Acro crops
Favorite prints of the year: Unicorn tears

Anonymous said...

Let it loose tank! My fave, in any color! Favorite print was UT, love the polocrosse crops as well!

Unknown said...

Bra: Free to Be
Pant: City Beat
Tank: CRB
Jackets: Audrey jacket (in tweed)
RUN: Turn Around Jacket
RUN: Hustle Jacket
Shorts: Speed Shorts
Bag: Triumph Tote for work
Bon Voyage for the gym

...ANYTHING in unicorn tears or black swan

HATE: harem pants

Anonymous said...

Best color: Black Swan and Violaceous
Best print: Unicorn Tears
Best jacket: Violaceous Downtime Jacket
Best tank: Power Technique
Best crop: Mind Over Matter
Best top: Full Tilt LS, Rehearsal LS
Best bag: Effortless Tote

Worst: Harem Pants and all the dark depressing prints. Snowy Owl, Seabed (worst!), Glacier Lace, Creekside Camo. Price increases and decrease in quality (vinyasa scarf).

Cari H said...

Best- DHBH pullover- I have been living in this and cannot understand why lulu had not put this out in more colors

Colors- currant, smokey rose and the elevation space due print

Worst- tutu

Anonymous said...

Prints: Unicorn Tears, Peacock Lace, Glacier Lace.

The new Insulator Pullover

The Herringbone Wunder Under Pants (I hope to see these is brown next year).

Riding Jacket in Black


Harem Pants