Friday, December 30, 2011

More Photos of the Latest & Outfit Ideas

lululemon shine your heart out vest swiftly long sleeve
The cutest outfit I've seen yet using the Shine Your Heart Out Vest.

lululemon insight pant and pigment blue define
lululemon insight pant zipper detail

lululemon insight pant details

lululemon insight pant zipper
Photos of the new Insight Pant. It comes in the black slub denim and black luon.

lululemon pig pink no limit tank

lululemon silver spoon wunder under crops
The Pig Pink Striped No Limit tank is calling my name. It's at my local store. I think I might be able to go and try it on tomorrow. The second photo shows it paired with the new Silver Spoon pique Wunder Under pants.

lululemon pigment blue back on track tank

lululemon pig pink back on track tank
The Back on Track tank in Pigment and Pig Pink.

lululemon pigment blue striped power y tank
Another Pigment Striped Power Y photo.

lululemon pigment outfit define jacket
Pigment Blue look - Define, Inspire Crops, Power Y, and matching headband.

lululemon pigment scuba hoodie
The Pigment Blue Coal Salt and Pepper Scuba.

lululemon pigment blue striped scoop neck tank
This woman looks really good in the Pigment Striped Scoop Neck tank, shown with matching Inspire crops.

lululemon back on track tank
Pig Back on Track Pullover with the white Back on Track Skirt.

lululemon kick tech shirt for men
New Heathered Black Kick Tech shirt with Sapphire Blue Light As Air shorts. I like the Heathered Black. She's wearing the Pigment Deep Breath and matching Astros.

lululemon wild lime cool racerback
I can't recall if I posted this yet - it's the Wild Lime Cool Racerback. Currently only in Australia right now.


yogibabe said...

Made a trip to my store today and "pigged" out on the Pig Pinks! Got the NLT in pig pink and three Deep Breath tanks (pig pink, silver spoon and pigment blue)! I LOVE the Deep Breath and it works really well for me (smaller on top), so I tend to get multiples in all colors available. LLA, the NLT in pig pink is super cute! Pig Pink is such a pretty pink, period, IMO. :) Did try on the salt and pepper Scuba. Pretty colors in deep coal pigment blue and deep coal silver spoon but I passed on it because the fabric is on the stiffer side, like LLA mentioned earlier. I'm spoiled with the softness of my Snowy Owl and Tinted Canvas ones.

Anonymous said...

How high is the waist in the insight pant?

screenshop said...

No photo can make that vest fit properly in the front. Cute in the back, but just a miss in the front anyway you style it.

Anonymous said...

is wild lime a match for citron or faded zap? i was hoping it was more green...

Anonymous said...

I love the new silver spoon pique WU pants!!!! Do you think they'll be online this week??? That is a MUST for me!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:12 am - Wild lime certainly looks very close to Citron to me when I spotted it today. I'm going to bring some citron with me to compare next time I go shopping.

@ anon 12:03 pm - I would think those Silver Spoon WUs will be on line very soon. It seems like all the stores have them now.

Anonymous said...

FYI - i did a particularly hard workout in my black slub denim WU, and the sweat showed so bad in the crotch it looked like I peed my pants! Just a heads up to those that it bothers them to see sweat marks.

Anonymous said...

I think there are two different silver-ish pique WU's?? I thought I saw a dark silver and a light silver?? anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...

I like the vest when put over the Swiftly. Almost makes me want to buy it...