Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Latest - White Free to Be, Pigment Ta Ta Tamer, It's Happening Jacket, and More

lululemon free to be sports bra white
lululemon free to be sports bra  white
A white Free to Be bra is hitting the stores.

lululemon ta ta tamer pigment blue sports bra
There are a couple of new Ta Ta Tamers coming - one in Pigment Blue and the other is a silver spoon striped one.

lululemon it's happening jacket in pigment blue
lululemon it's happening jacket in pigment blue back view
The It's Happening Jacket also comes in Pigment Blue. This is made of french terry. I think I've only seen it in my Canadian product notice emails so far, but I am not 100% sure on that.

lululemon inspire running crops

lululemon pigment blue striped inspire running crops
Cute new Pigment and white striped Inspire crops are arriving in the stores.

Almost forgot about these - new Groove crops in silver spoon stripe pattern.

lululemon pig pink back on track yoga tank
lululemon pig pink back on track running tank
A rare photo of the Pig Pink Back on Track tank. For some reason the stores love to post photos of the blue and white version but this one is very pretty.

lululemon salt and pepper pigment blue scuba hoodie
A great close up of the Deep Coal Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper Scuba.

lululemon pigment blue striped cross your heart bra
A lot of you have wondered how the Cross My Heart bra looks underneath a Cool Racerback.

lululemon infinity scarves
The new Infinity Scarves


Anonymous said...

I tried on the Back on Track tank today. It was very cute and very comfortable. Didn't buy it, but definitely considered it. May get the pig pink when it gets to my store :)

Anonymous said...

I like how the CMH bra looks under a CRB!! I wanted one in plum, but didn't act fast enough. I also wanted a pair of Wunder Under Grooves but again... not quick enough! DOH! When they get uploaded again, I'm going to get them right away and I think I'm going to part ways with my SE knotted WU... the rise is just a little too low for my preference.

Jennifer K. said...

All the new product is making my head spin. I think I have to shut down the links to Facebook and stay off of all Lulu-realated sites for a few weeks and just hang on to my Christmas giftcard. Then I'll go into my stores and see what is on the markdown racks. If I go in now, I'll overspend and that will be bad.

Anonymous said...

Is the white Free To Be Bra a new item? I bought it online a couple of months ago. Actually wore it earlier today during my morning run (yes, it is supportive enough on me that I can run in it)

Anonymous said...

Stupid name, but wish they would bring back 'Boobs on a Wire' bra or something similar. Some people need the wire support (like me), so I bought the Le Mystere Energie bras and my Ta-ta Tamer, Energy, All-Sport, 50 Rep, and Flow Y sit in the bin in my closet.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 1:33 pm - The white free to be might not be brand new but it's probably a re-stocking of an old color that has been sold out for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I am curious about the infinity scarf!