Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Latest - Silver Spoon Stripe CRB, More Flash Photos, New Swiftlys and More

More goodies from Australia - a Cool Racerback tank in Silver Spoon and white stripe. (Did I post this CRB print before? I'm getting a little confused with all the stuff being released in Australia and new stuff that is coming to North America on the 26th.)

I think this might be a new run skirt in Pigment. Shown with the Pigment and white stripe Cool Racerback. (from Australia)

Love this color combo - Pigment Swiftly tank with a Flash Flow Y underneath. I would love a Flash Energy bra. (from Australia)

Flash CRB

Flash Scoop Neck
Flash Flow Y

Flash CRB, I think
More photos of tanks and bras in Flash. 

 Photo showing the bright new colors - Paris Pink, Pigment Blue, and Flash.

Flash Swiftly Racerback
The new Swiftly colors in Pig, Pigment, and Flash.

Pigment and white striped Scoop Neck - this is hitting stores in North America. The blue and white striped stuff will be part of the new items brought out on the 26th if your store hasn't already put them out.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Silver Spoon CRB!

Anonymous said...

When will the flash items be available online?

Anonymous said...

Yum to the solid pigment blue CRB. And Define, when it comes. And I just got a hot pink (or hot coral, I forget) Champion jog bra that looks to be new for $1 at thrift yesterday, so I can pull off a close version of the blue-pink combo, albeit without the cool straps.

emaysway said...

Love the new swiftly ss--that's on my list!