Monday, December 19, 2011

The Latest - Run Around Shorts, Will Pants, Baby Blue and More

A good photo showing the reflective speckles on the reverse side of the Run: Around Shorts. Not sure why the website doesn't show a photo of this feature. Those of you who buy the running shorts - does lulu typically come out with a white pair in the summer time or should people bite the bullet and get the white now if they have been wanting a white pair? Knowing lulu as I do, you probably have to get white now and not wait for it to come later.

Love this feminine (and yes, spring/summer-looking) outfit - white Run: Around Shorts with the Paris/white microstripe Stay On Course tank.

A great photo showing the true color of the Pari/white microstripe Stride jacket. It's super bright.

More shots of the Will pant in Heathered Coal. I am really curious to try these on.

I thought I had talked myself out of the Tinted Canvas print in a technical tank but that Power Y is calling my name. The CRB is shown with Heathered Coal Will pants.

I am thinking this color might be the new Moore (more?) Blue. I am planning to visit the store tomorrow so hopefully can check then. There is a new men's color out in Australia very similar to the water bottle color so that is why I am thinking it will show up in a future color palette for the ladies:

New men's Core shorts in Baby Blue. It looks very similar to the older Angel Blue, one of my favorite colors:

(older) Half Moon Crop and Jacket in Angel Blue

Light as Air Shorts - Sapphire Blue

I think tThere is a new medium blue color out in the men's shorts - Sapphire Blue. I don't have a name yet but it looks kind of like Pigment Blue. Rugged Blue (a more grayish blue) is sold out on the website and nearly sold out in the stores.In fact, the stores and website only have black, grays, and white left so this will be popular. Lulu needs to make more colors for the guys.

Run Reverse LS tops for men in striped Running Luon.

Kahuna Short
My husband went to pick up his hemmed Work to Play Pants today (the South Coast Plaza store is offering 24 hour hemming - awesome!) and he came home with a new pair of Kahuna shorts. He wants to use these for golf. Like a typical man, he didn't try them on when he bought them so I can't give you any fit info yet. They have fairly low reviews on the website mainly because they shortened the length from the previous version. Since my husband is not very tall, shorter works for him.


screenshop said...

Those mens core shorts in baby blue look completely ridiculous - like long boxers. If I ever saw a man walking down the street in those, I would assume he forgot to put his pants on.

Anonymous said...

I have been on look out for white shorts for the last 6 years. I order them as soon as they came online.
I will have to wait till summer to wear them but I did not wanted to take chance and missed them.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 4:21 pm - yup! sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get them when they are here. I didn't know it had been so long since they've put out white shorts. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Love the sapphire and Moore blue. There's an ad on the blog showing up the same color. Do ads pull color from pages? If so, that's cool.

Just got my 2nd Run: Your Heart Out Pullover tonight -- this time in heathered black. I can't get over how soft these shirts are. Can't wait to cozy up in them. My other one, which I got Saturday, is Persian purple.

Now I have to return something. This is out of hand. (Those 2 shirts were part of a larger haul)

yogibabe said...

Yay! Definitely will get the Tinted Canvas in Power Y. Was at a store last Friday and passed on the tinted canvas in Scoop Neck and the Run: Your Heart Out tank, due to the unfavorable print placement and the weird "patchwork" look on the RYHO. The Power Y shouldn't be too much of a problem or just cross my fingers for a nice print as I will be ordering it from online. :)

LuluAddict said...

@ yogibabe - I am with you on the tinted canvas Power Y. Crossing my fingers for one with a good print distribution.

Anonymous said...

saw the white shorts today. They are very thin, and NOT lined!!!! (no liner at all)..meaning the moment you sweat even a tiny bit, they will be completely see-through! ack!