Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Latest - Lively Tee, Pink Wunder Unders, and More

lululemon lively crew neck tee black and white microstripe
As a recent convert to Lively Crewneck tees I was giving the new Black and White Microstripe one a once over in the store. I definitely like the patterned ones much better than the plain. I like the accent stitching on this one, too. I am a fan of the B&W microstripe print anyway. The new CRB in this pattern was calling to me the other day, too.

lululemon tinted canvas print speed short
Tinted Canvas print speeds with a Dark Classic Sport Gray Swiftly top. That's how to look good when running.

lululemon paris pink wunder under pants
What to pair with the colored WUs? That is the question. Here is one combo - the No Limit tank in Coal/Paris Pink microstripe.

lululemon paris pink speed shorts and black macro micro stripe cool racerback tank
Paris Pink Speed Shorts paired with the black macro micro CRB.

lululemon coal bold stripe scuba hoodie
 On the right person, the bold striped scubas work.

lululemon rehearsal long sleeve shirt
The Rehearsal long sleeve is back. This is heathered coal.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice they changed the model for the PP Run For It Pullover?

Anonymous said...

I may have ordered it, if it had been like this. Not into it now.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, anon 10:23am!

Anniebug, bugger or BUG. said...

Do you know about this? I didn't and now...I am seriously contemplating if I should buy anymore of their gear.

Anonymous said...

That article sadly has no goods to back it up. The writer uses other articles for sources. It is pretty slanderous IMO. While I may not feel that lulu is working to it's potential and may be lacking in a good website/customer service, I don't believe they are as bad as this article tries to paint them. Thy didn't cause the death of that girl. The killer did. Also...with what is out there in the world and how corrupt some businesses are, lulu at least has a positive message and a product that works.

Tite Mélan said...

Waiting for the wonder under in PP!!!! So COOL!!! :))))

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen a black and white microstripe scuba in Ontario stores? I saw one a week ago, and now can't locate one.

LuluAddict said...

@ anniebug - That article is such a stretch - connecting a workplace murder to corporate philosophy. It throws every lulu scandal in the mix, too. I think lulu as a corporation has some issues to work on and I think the manifesto is great marketing, but I do really, really like the clothes. They fit and work and last really well. I try to steer you guys away from the problem things when I can.

@ anon 10:23 am - Did they change the model? I thought that white and black versions were always photo'd with the blonde girl. They just happened to run out of the pink so that model has been deleted.

Anonymous said...

LLA, I thought so too at first, but if you put in http address that anon 10:23am posted, a different model shows up wearing the PP.

I don't know about that no limits tank with the PP WU. The pinks look different even though I know the attached bra is PP microstripe. I think I'd stick with a completely neutral color on top. I ordered the plum WU myself and am already trying to figure out what I can wear with it. That is, if I keep them. I'm slightly worried they will make my short, muscular legs look huge and will not hide imperfections like the black and dark neutrals do. Crossing my fingers!

Anonymous said...

@anon 3:52 agree! i;m not a fan of the pp wu's with the no limit and the pinks look really different in the pic. a for effort, but kind of a fail.

Anonymous said...

the new rehearsal LS is super cute, but they used white or light stitching on it and when I saw that, I put it back on the rack!