Monday, December 26, 2011

Hints of Upcoming Items!!! - Deep Breath, Tracker, Shorts, New Gym Bag, and More!

I'll get to some of the new stuff that was uploaded - the only thing tempting me was the Pigment Blue Salt and Pepper Scuba - but check out all the hints of new things to come:

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It looks like there will be an Energy bra coming in Wild Lime. Or, maybe this is a new gold color. Yay! I was hoping the Energy would be coming in Flash and Wild Lime. I definitely want at least one of those colors, if not both.

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The Deep Breath is coming back and at least in Flash. I hope this is the luxtreme version of the Deep Breath tank because I liked that version better. However, I think they didn't sell as well as the luon light version.

The Tracker Shorts are coming back. I initially thought these might be Paris Pink but they look too dark to me. I have a Flow Y in Neon Pink that looks a lot like this color.

The Pigment and white striped No Limit is in Australia. I'm not sure if the crops are new, too.

New retro-lulu looking gym bag called the Daily Gym Bag. The colors are new, too. A minty looking green and a dark navy. I just noticed the Define Jacket she is wearing is new, too.

 More photos of that upcoming Define jacket. The pattern seems to match the Wunder Unders in the No Limit photo - more pique luon.

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This photo was in the pants section but the top is new - a bold Pigment and White striped print in maybe a Cool Racerback.

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 There is also a new scalloped-edged headband coming called the Swiftly headband.


yogibabe said...

I am hoping that - a bold Pigment and White striped tank is a Power Y. Would be so cute with the detail on the straps with the pigment narrow stripe!

Anonymous said...

Glad I saw this! Was just contemplating ordering another Define, but I'll wait for this one!

Anonymous said...

I saw that Define in the store today. There were 2 new grays. No pigment blue yet, alas.

Nothing tempting in the new stuff, but lots of Loot in the store. I went early & stocked up. Next year I will be there when the doors open.

What's the in-store policy on stuff bought in December (not on sale)? Is there a cutoff date for returns? I know it's extended but I forget for how long.

Just_jill325 said...

I I think th new pigment blur stripe top is flow Y as y showed pic in an earlier post of the pigment blue stripe crb and it didn't have the different piping edge detail like that one! Woo Hoo cant wait!

Anonymous said...

The bag looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Deep breath is so beautiful !! I really want it !!! do you have any idea if it's coming soon ???!!!

yogibabe said...

@Just_jill325-Woo Hoo too! I thought it is the Power Y, at least hoping it is and now that you've mentioned it, too true about the piping. yay!!!

just_jill325 said...

@yogibabe I can't wait for these to come out! super excited we shall see! a few more weeks!