Monday, December 19, 2011

Heathered Pigment Cool Racerback and Australian Heads Up

Arriving in North American stores now - a heathered Pigment Blue Cool Racerback. I have a Static Wish CRB from a couple of years ago so this is a pass for me.

Close up photos of the Wild Lime waistband on the Run: Your Heart Out crops. I believe it's shown with a Heathered Tree Frog CRB in these photos. You can see a pair of RYHO crops with a Flash waistband in the background of the second photo. These are from Australia so not in North America yet.

I believe this is a photo of the new Flash CRB. I can't tell if it's heathered or not. It almost looks like it is, or it could be a microstripe version. This photo is also from Australia. I'm really liking this color.

I think there are Flash Power Ys hanging in the background (upper left). This is also from Australia.

Good photo of the Tinted Canvas Scuba
Run: Response Short in Sapphire Blue


Anonymous said...

Plaza el segundo has flash/coal nlts in

LuluAddict said...

I heard the new NLT was in the LA/OC area stores. I am hoping to see it tomorrow &/or Wednesday. The new Will pants are here, too.

Anonymous said...

Flash looks like a color from last year, (was that flush?) and it also resembles a color from the year before (I have a 2-year old In Stride which looks like flush as well). Does Lulu not have some sort of imagination? I find it hard to believe anyone will spend money on ANOTHER round of flush/flash-whatever items!!!!


screenshop said...

Boo...Flash looks more like orange than pink...