Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Arriving in Stores Now - Paris Pink Microstripe Power Y

I just got an email from a US Showroom that it received the Power Y in the Paris and White Microstripe Pattern. I'll have to check this one out. I find the Paris a bit overwhelming to wear but the microstripe might mute it enough for me to like it.


yogibabe said...

Smooch! Love this. ;)

Cari H said...

I also think this is cute...does anyone else think in this picture the color looks similar to the heathered smokey rose CRB, but with brighter stitching?

yogibabe said...

@Cari H: the actual color is very pretty. I have the No Limit tank in paris pink/heathered blurred grey/paris pink microstripe. The bra part should be the same. (look at the product detail pix on lulu site) Love this color! A little "subdued" than the full blast neon PP!