Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip


I went to the store today and was able to see most of the newest tanks and colors so I have a bunch of fit reviews for you.  First, a funny story - I was in the changing room when I overheard a woman telling the educators about a website she liked to read that told all about upcoming lulu from all over the world, including the new yoga mats. I know some of the educators at my local stores have connected me to the blog but this is the first time I heard a customer mentioning the blog so I got a kick out of it. So, to the woman who was at Fashion Island about 11:15 am today, I'm glad you like my blog. I would have come out to meet you but I was in the middle of changing tanks so couldn't pop out to say hello in time before you left the store.  ;-)

First - the Glacier Lace print tanks. A friend had picked up the Glacier Lace print Cool Racerback tank for me but I wanted to try out the Power Y and Scoop Neck in these prints. The White Black Glacier Lace is an eye-catching but rather noisy pattern and I find it distracting having it so close to my face. I was hoping the other styles would work for me better. I ended up going home with the Power Y. All the Glacier Lace prints are the 90-something% polyester with a little lycra spandex so if you don't like lulu's polyester fabric you won't like this one. I don't have a problem with the polyester luons. I find them cooler and better wicking than regular formula luon. I found the Power Y fit/felt a bit looser, particularly in the tummy, than normal luon Power Ys but that seems to be typical of the polyester print Power Ys. The print "fades" a bit when stretched, particularly in the bust area, so it makes sizing down problematic.

I also tried on the new Elevation Space Dye Power Y and bought one for my sister for her Christmas present. I think they are going to be super popular - two people bought them when I was checking out at the Irvine store so if you want this tank get to your local store as soon as you can. I bought the ESD Scoop Neck a few weeks ago and decided I could live without the Power Y in this print. I have bought different tank styles in the same print before but the Power Y and Scoop Neck are too similar. I also decided I liked that the Scoop Neck orients the stripes vertically up the sides. It seemed to be visually slimming when I went back and looked at my cell phone photos of my previous try ons. Do you guys do that, too? Take cell phone photos of yourself to "see" how things look on you? I find it useful on occasion, like today.

Energy Bra
Lively Tee
Luon Headband
I also ended up getting some items in the new White Coal Tinted Canvas Super (WCTC) Print. This summer I bought a record three tanks (and a pair of Grooves) in the Black Citron Tinted Canvas (BCTI) print so I wasn't sure I would want more in this very similar print but I am drawn to monochromatic black/gray/white prints and patterns. How could I resist? I have quite a few black tanks and a few Coal ones so the Energy bra will look super cute peeping out from underneath. I also bought the Lively Tee in the WCTC print. It looks almost like a camouflage pattern (another favorite of mine) so I couldn't resist. This is my first Lively Tee purchase so I will let you know how it wears. I sized down in this, it runs a size big. I also got a headband in the print to go with all my black tanks. If a CRB or Power Y shows up in this print I think I would consider getting it. A Power Y never came out in the BCTI. I did buy the CRB in the BCTI print but as I said, I love monochromatics, so I might go ahead and get the CRB in the WCTC, too. We'll have to see how rich I am feeling when/if they come out.

Now, onto the things I didn't get:

My friend also bought me the Heathered Paris Pink CRB but I ended up returning it today. It's just too bright. It looks much more muted in the web model photo. In person it looks more like this:
I tried on the solid Paris Pink Scoop Neck tank but I decided I am more of a Senorita Pink (a bright raspberry pink) type of gal rather than a neon pink one.

I tried on the Cross My Heart Tank and liked it well enough. The one I tried on was Black with Black Microstripe Straps which is a new color. That one had a back panel of circle mesh but the Paris Pink one shown above does not have any circle mesh. I believe the description given in the Product Notice emails under the Paris Pink photo is incorrect. The body of this tank is light luon and there is no cinch cord at the bottom. There is an adjustable bra. I thought the support was pretty decent, probably similar to the Deep Breath tank. The tank is long and hit me about the same spot as in the above photo. The bra portion is double layered - a deep-v type bra with an outer covering. I noticed that the outer layer popped open when I brought my arms together in front of me, as if I was holding spin bike handlebars. The fit is generous and I also tried the next size down. This made the tank a lot more form fitting and gave me more underarm fat than I like. All in all, this is a decent tank but nothing that wowed me.

I finally got to try the Run: Your Heart Out Tank on. I am a big fan of the Run: For Your Life (RFYL) tank (bought two and nearly bought a third on markdown this morning) and the RYHO is very similar. The top bra portion is very snug fitting, particularly if you are busty, as I am (36DD) and the bottom portion is very light and airy. I thought the bra part was very supportive. It has an adjustable bra. Although it looks very similar to the Power Dance and Power Technique tanks the bra is much more supportive than either of those. I don't think you need to size up in this tank unless you are super busty but be prepared that it's going to feel snugger than either of those tanks. I really like the strap configuration of this tank and hope to see it used in other tank styles. I am not a big fan of the really obvious horizontal seams across the bottom of the bust. If this tank came in more exciting colors or colors I didn't already own I might have considered getting it since it would be perfect for spin. I might reconsider it but for now I can live without it.

I tried on the Hot N Sweaty tank and liked how lightweight it was. Since it only goes up to a ten I was sizing down so I filled out the top portion pretty well. The bra portion reminds me of a medieval barmaid blouse. It was not nearly supportive enough for me and I have no use for a tank like this so it stayed at the store.

I tried on the Rehearsal tank. I had to size down since it only goes to a ten. Of course the bust did not give me enough coverage. I like the airy feeling of the bottom portion of the tank since it's so blousy. This is another tank that doesn't give me enough coverage or support to wear it to the gym.

I tried on the White Glacier Lace Hustle Jacket. It seems to fit a bit larger than I remember it fitting but it's been awhile since I tried it on. I'd say it's a very roomy TTS. I didn't try on the next size down so I don't know if you can safely size down in this. One thing I didn't like about this Hustle is that it had the blingy plastic-y silver zipper.

I went to both Fashion Island and Irvine today. Both stores had extensive markdown sections and some excellent deals in mainly size 12 and some size 10. As an example of some of the deals - FI had a bunch of luxtreme Deep Breath and Turbo tanks for $19. They also had Speed Shorts and a Speed Skirt in the Snowy Owl print in size 10 for $19.


Amanda said...

I tried the rehearsal tank in a couple different sizes. The bottom was huge on the one that gave me enough boob coverage, which made it look funny.

LuluAddict said...

I know. I can't imagine getting all the luxtreme wet with perspiration and having it weigh me down.

mgd said...

What do you think of the adjustable bras on the tanks? Can you feel that on your sides?

Katie said...

For the record I too love your blog! We were chatting about you in the Colorado Cherry Creek store the other day. :) You have changed my lulu shopping experience for the better! Keep it up! Also, I am a 34DD since I had my 1st and only child. Almost done nursing and I think these girl are here to stay. I can SO relate to the "love it, but not enough boob coverage" situation. The tata tamer is the only lulu bra I can actually workout in...other than that I have to go to Moving Comfort. Let me welcome you to the Lively Lovers club. I own 5 LCNs and you will just love it. Wash cold/delicate cycle (like I do all my lulu) and hang dry. It will stay like you just bought it!

Katie said...

...and I should say "only child so far"...hoping for more! When I am ready to be pregnant again...I love being a mama!

yogibabe said...

Thanks LLA, for your great reviews. I am waiting patiently for the arrival of the Glacier Lace on upload day, at least crossing my fingers for it! Would love to get them in the Power Y and Scoop Neck and the No Limit Tank, sigh.... (Not much of a CRB girl, I seem to get the CRBs when it comes out in SE. Did get the Ruffle SE in Heathered Coal. Im a sucker for the ruffles...) Also am hoping to snatch the Power Y in ESD. Now, wouldn't you think a Power Y or CRB in Make Davie Run Crazy awesome?

LuluAddict said...

@ Katie - my favorite non-lulu bra is the Champion Powerback underwire. It's a racerback with underwear and gives great support and shaping. I can usually get them for $30 on ebay or Amazon.

@ yogibabe - I seriously thought about getting the Heathered Coal SE CRB the other day but I knew I wanted the Tinted Canvas and Glacier Lace tops more.

LuluAddict said...

@ mgd - You can't feel the adjustable bras. The hook goes on the outside of the bra so all you feel against your skin is material. My Get Fit tank has them and I never notice it when I am wearing it.

LaneyC said...

I purchased the rehearsal tank the other day. When I tightened the straps it gave me better coverage, but when I went to yoga I was feeling super self conscious and thought there was a good chance I was falling out. This might have to be a running around tank now as opposed to an actual useful one.

Cari said...

Lulu Addict- Did the Irvine store have the Elevation Space Dye in the Flow Y Bra? I am debating between just getting the Flow y Bra or the actual Power Y tank. I have the heathered smokey rose CRB and I thought the ESD Flow Y bra would look darling peeking out.

LuluAddict said...

@ Cari - I'm pretty sure the ESD Flow Y was at the Irvine store. I did notice it at FI but I didn't check out the bra section at Irvine since I had already bought the Energy at FI.

Anonymous said...

Did the hustle jacket have circle mesh under the arms? The Paris pink one that I picked up yesterday had running luon. Kind of bummed since it seem like it might get too warm.