Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Run Free Pant - Product Alert Info

Here is the product notice information on the new Run: Free Pants. It comes in black and coal, sizes 2-10.

  • Run free in this technical hybrid pant cold weather running & outdoor adventures

  • Softshell fabric front protects from wind & rain, keeps you warm & dry

  • Tech fleece on the back is brushed on the inside for warmth & comfort

  • Articulated knee for maximum mobility

  • Wide waistband with drawcord for support

  • Cinchable hem keeps cuffs from getting muddy on the trail

  • Chafe-resistant flat seams

    Anonymous said...

    OT, but I remember someone asking about the seams on the new strides. I just noticed the seams on my currant stride are starting to unravel at the wrists. I've only had it for a week and haven't even washed it. I guess I'll see what they say when I get a chance to take it in on Friday.

    Anonymous said...

    do people really find running in baggy pants to be comfortable?

    Dori said...

    Yes! I have very sensitive skin and can't wear running tights so I am grateful they make these. I have a similar pair of pants from Lululemon from two ago and they are ridiculously comfortable! You don't even notice them when running.

    Anonymous said...

    I also have a pair of these from last year and running was super comfy in these!

    suss said...

    I recently bought these in both colors extremely flatering warm and comfortable love love love them wish they would make them in blue swan!

    shoshigirl said...

    I just found out about these but they are sold out online in my size and Im no where near a lululemon. How can I get these?? I want them in a size 10 in black.