Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Photos of the New Scubas - Pink Stripes and Special Edition Vests

Pink Ombre Stripes/Smokey Rose Scuba

What is the headband the middle girl has on? I need it!

Three new flavors of the Scuba has hit the stores. The Pink Ombre Stripe is very cute. I'm not sure where the purple version is. I do like stripes but I am afraid this is a pattern a lot of teens will like and nothing more embarassing than to be sporting the same hoodie as a teenager.

The Special Edition Vest Scubas are very cute but I'm sure very pricey. The two colors are Ghost Heathered Deep Coal Herringbone/Ghost and Deep Soal/Heathered Deep Coal

Update - Just spotted this in a product alert - A Smokey Rose Scuba - so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what hat the girl in the pink long sleeved top with the scuba vest is wearing?? the one holding the holiday Starbucks cup? I want that hat!!!

Tite Mélan said...

I need Live Simply Jacket in Smokey rose!!!!!!!!!!

MonkeyGirl said...

I really like this striped scuba- is that a heathered black swan stripe in it? I am not sure I have enough to coordinate with it to justify the expense though....as for teens liking it, yes, I am sure that will be the case! (but since I rarely come across teens I don't care! I don't think I'll be standing next to a 16 year old wearing the same clothes anytime soon).

yogibabe said...

Waaaah! The Special Edition Vest Scuba in Ghost Heathered Deep Coal Herringbone/Ghost is very pretty. But already have a Define in the same color. And the price must be at least $148.00. Waaah again! Santa Claus time! ;P

Anonymous said...

I like the pink stripe scuba but just noticed in the pic of the three girls wearing scubas, on the pink stripe one the lulu logo is pink stripes on one side of the zipper and black on the other....It def looks weird. It's not like that in all the pics but is something to look out for in the striped print. I'd be unhappy if I ordered it online and got that one. A cute scuba otherwise :)

strawb3rries said...

anon 7:15 i was JUST about to say the same thing!!! lol it's not black though, its purple (black swan?). you can see it better in the last picture where it is folded in the background.