Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Photos of the Latest to Arrive at the Store

New Speed Shorts in Black White Microstripe Black Glacier Lace. I would love a tank in this print.

New Run: Your Heart Out Crops in the Coal Tinted Canvas Print.

The official web model photos of the Coal Tinted Canvas Print Energy bra. I'm pretty sure I am going to get this.

New Groove pants waistband in the Glacier Lace print.

Glacier Lace print Scoop Neck and coordinating Stride Jacket - very sharp!

Photos of Glacier Lace embossed Wunder Unders. I used to love embossed prints but the latest have been so dull looking, like they've been washed dozens of times already, I can't get excited about them anymore.

I'm pretty sure I am going to exchange my Glacer Lace CRB for a Glacier Lace Power Y or Scoop Neck. The print is a bit overwhelming in the CRB format to me.

You and your Significant Other can look ultra coordinated in your lulu when you wear a Hustle Jacket and he wears his Cypress Run Jacket.

Another photo of the Destined for Greatness Duffel in the black Creekside Camo print.


Anonymous said...

were these items spotted in US stores??

Anonymous said...

How much support does the Energy Bra have? I only own the Ta Ta Taner and it works fine for Crossfit. But that bra cost just as much as a VS showstopper bra I only plan to own 1 or 2 at the most... I like the Energy Bra but I would like to know if it would hold the girls for high impact excercises...like burpees

Karlyne said...

Anyone know what grey shirt that is in the DfG Duffel pic?

Cari H said...

I want those groove pants!!!

Contessa said...

Anon 9:21am

I have DD's and wear the Energy Bra for my Burpees and to me the fit and support is great. I have every single Energy Bra color (adding this new one too once it is out) and no longer wear my Ta Ta Tamer.

Plus the energy bra is soo pretty under my CRB's!

Anonymous said...

I have DD's and the Energy bra doesn't work for high impact exercises for me... only the Ta Ta Tamer does. It's great for lower impact things like weightlifting or spin, though--and is VERY cute.

Anonymous said...

Karlyn, I believe it is the rehearsal long sleeve, the color is heathered black swan

Laura P said...

Thanks luluaddict for the shout out to the KING OF PRUSSIA store!!! We love you :) come see us sometime,... second biggest Mall in the US!

Anonymous said...

i visit the KOP store frequently!!! Very nice ladies during the week but the weekends your sales people pn the floor are quite annoying hovering over u after every item you touch!!!!