Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Photos: Arabesque Bag, Adagio Wrap, Yoga Cozy Pullover and More

Photos of the Silver Spoon Arabesque Bag.
Triumph Tote

New Adagio Wrap shown with Heathered Smokey Rose Ariel Tank, Heathered Black Rehearsal Tights, and Silver Spoon Arabeque Bag.

The Plum/Black Swan Yoga Cozy Pullover. It looks very comfy but I'm sure it's pricey. I wonder if this will be uploaded tomorrow.

I don't think I have posted photos of the Chasse Leotard yet. Show with the Rehearsal Crops and Allegro Handwarmers and Leg warmers (and the silly tutu).

This girl is just a gorgeous lulu model. They should put her on the website. The Rehearsal LS in Heathered Black Swan. It runs TTS through the chest so it really is not a size-down piece.


Anonymous said...

I had to size down with the rehearsal LS. It's quite lofty so sizing down helped a bit. Got it in heathered black swan and its super soft and comfy.

Jennifer Halter said...

I got the heathered BS rehearsal long sleeve (love) and stayed TTS. Probably could have sized down, but I wanted it a little slouchy around the shoulders. I'm not sure which I love more, this piece or the Turn Around LS (I got persian purple). It is heavenly! Wasn't nuts on the chasse tights. I felt they made my butt look huge.

dalachin said...

you took the words out of my mouth... I'm not much interested in dance clothes, but this woman is a fabulous model, she makes them look great! They really should put her on the website!

Anonymous said...

i love the rehearsal LS. i found it true to size and the heather BS is so pretty. so soft too. it will be great for warm ups and cool downs and being in the studio.

Anonymous said...

I got the cute little Adagio wrap today, and I love it. And damn you Lulu...I love the new arabasque bag, but I just bought a Triumph tote a few months ago!