Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photos: Active Strength, Lively Tee Stripe, and More

The Active Strength tanks in Currant and Heathered Persian purple have hit US stores.

The Currant CRB has hit US stores, too. It figures it would hit the week I am away and 80 miles away from the closes lululemon store. I hope I am able to catch it on this week's upload. Rumor is that the upload will be on Thursday as normal. That's kind of weird since Thursday is the American Thanksgiving. I think I will be checking the website on a regular basis for the next few days. As soon as I spot the upload I'll update here, my FB page, and twitter.

New Lively Crewneck tee in Purple Ombre Stripes.

Another photo of the Black White Microstripe CRB.

Groove crops are out in the Elevation Space Dye print.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know when the upload happens! I can check my facebook then from my phone and dash to the nearest computer, leaving the Thanksgiving prep to everyone else for a few min!

J in TO said...

I bought the currant CRB and the purple striped ombre tee today! The lively tee has changed a little -- it no longer has the semi-circular double sewn piece at the back of the neck where the logo is. I feel that it's also about an inch shorter -- but I compared it with a lively that I had worn before that might have had a tiny stretch going. I wish they had this in a cabin long sleeve. The scuba in this pattern is gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

i saw the new live simply, it was so gorgeous, i was at the register and caught a glimpse of it, it was enough for me to walk back into the back of the store and check it out irl. stunning color/print.

Anonymous said...

Lulu is a Canadian company which is why the upload will still be on Thursday. Our thanksgiving was over a month ago.

Anonymous said...

What skirt is the one with the Currant CRB? The Hot N Sweaty?