Monday, November 14, 2011

NEW! Recognition Pant, plus Cuddle Up Jacket and Pants & More

 New Recognition Pant. They are made of luon and have a cinchable waist to customize the fit.

Cuddle Up pants are back. These are a bit heavier weight than the Lulu II pants.

The latest Cuddle Up jackets have sherpa fleece on the collar. I don't have a price on these yet but I think they' be more than the last batch of Cuddle Ups. The new Cuddle Ups are $118.

Here is the product info on the Turn Around Tights:

-Reverse these soft & cozy high-rise running tights to reflective
-Perfect for layering under run shorts
-Made of super soft rulu fabric with inherent quick-wicking performance
-High-rise waistband with drawstring & elastic for comfortable support
-4 quick access gel pockets for maximum storgae, hidden in wasitband
-Reflective details for extra low-light visability
-Chafe-resitant flat seams


Anonymous said...

these new cuddle ups are also $118, i called my store earlier and inquired.

Anonymous said...

Are the cuddle ups in the U.S stores?

jcrew1985 said...

Does anyone know what the cuddle up pants are like? I love my CU jacket.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks, Anon 3:59 pm

momof5 said...

@jcrew1985 -- i ordered the cuddle ups last year and ended up returning them because they were too thick -- they are like the scuba but in pants, and they also didn't stretch much so they just felt very heavy on -- I think if you live somewhere really cold -- they might be great -- but even in a snowy northeast last year they were too much -- i got the lulu pant II instead for hanging around the house and love them

Katie said...

So, they are scuba material and not fleece? They look like fleece in the pic, but if they are that thick scuba material I cannot see them making very comfy pants.

Anonymous said...

I think I want to try the Turn around tights.. I'm not sure about the dots around the ankle though. I didn't like that look on the earwarmer because it looked like dandruff to me.. now on the pants it still looks like something is stuck to your leg by accident. I <3 rulu though :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...I was thinking the same thing, that the earwarmer looked like a BAD case of dandruff!