Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NEW!!! Prints

Check out the waistband of these boogie shorts. There are a couple of new prints/patterns. First, check out the wide black and gray stripes on the lower (left) side of the shorts. Then check out the white and black "web" looking pattern at the top (right side) of the shorts.


yogibabe said...

Would love the black and white "web" looking one in a Power Y, with black straps and the wide black and grey stripes in a Scoop Neck, with solid black collar/neck! (Look at me...designing for lulu already!)

Amanda said...

That web pattern reminds me of the Ghost scubas that had the Black Nesting Bird pattern on them. They sold out super fast here... and nothing sells out that fast in Winnipeg.

Amanda said...

It's also on the inside of the Wanderlust Rucksacks