Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Goodness From Australia

Another Paris Pink Swiftly photo.

A good photo of the new knee length Run: For It Crops.

Another photo of the Currant Active Strength tank.

A good close up of the colors in the Pink Ombre Stripes Scuba.


Dawn said...

Hi Luluaddict! Just wondering if you've seen a colour comparison pic of Pow, Paris and Senorita?
Also, wondering if you are enjoying your Polar heart rate monitor - I'm thinking of getting one - would you recommend it? I'd love a product review if you have the time with all this new beautiful Lulu product coming out!
Thanks, LOVE the blog...
Dawn :)

J in TO said...

The paris pink swiftly is so vibrant - love it! The swiftly material usually dilutes the colours so much. The Currant ones look orange.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that the power strength tank is coming in currant. I almost bought it in black yesterday but deemed it too boring since the tank is too plain. It will be IDEAL in currant...can't wait!