Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Latest - Black Pique Stride, Tea Travel Mug, Allegro Scarf and More

I haven't seen this new Stride Jacket pop up in store photos but it's the Black Heathered Coal Mini Check Pique fabric. I love the Define that I bought in this fabric. It's super soft. It almost feels brushed inside so I wonder if this Stride will also be $128 like the Brushed Currant Stride.

New Speed Shorts in the Make Davie Run Crazy Print. Be advised coordinating with this print with a color other than black is tough.

 New Cross My Heart Bra in Plum.

New Sigg Tea Traveler Mug. I'm not a tea drinker but, totally OT,  I did get a new Keurig coffee maker yesterday. I need to find a travel mug that fits underneath it now.

Turn Around SS top in Plum Stripe. I am out of money for the month but if these happen to go on markdown I think I would pick one up. I wore my Persian Purple Turn Around LS all day today. I put a pull in it somehow and people have commented that they've seen them in the store with pulls so it seems they are a bit delicate. I really like the fit and functionality so I can live with the it but it's a bummer. With my more delicate tops I usually turn them inside out when I wash them but since this is reversible I guess I'll have to remember to use a mesh lingerie bag when laundering this top.

I actually like the loo of the Allegro Scarf. For a lulu scarf, it isn't insanely bulky. I've read the price is something like $88 so it's too rich for my blood but I'll keep an eye out for it in case it hits the markdown section. It comes in Heathered Black and Heathered Coal.


Anonymous said...

Yay for fun speed short, I will wear them with tree frog

Anonymous said...

I was really excited when I saw the front of the off the mat jacket, because I was looking for something that was like the method wrap. But the side view makes it look the woman in the pciture has a giant blanket sitting on her chest, which isn't very attractive. Can't wait to try it on at the store and see if it really looks like that from the side.

Anonymous said...

Wow the new speed short in the Davie print will look amazing with tree frog!

Anonymous said...

Just got the Allegro scarf for $39 on clearance yesterday. Yay! I guess it was too rich for everyone's blood, so off to the clearance racks it went.
So soft. They had only one left in the heathered black, but there were plenty in light gray.