Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Latest

There is a Flow Y coming in the Deep Coal Black Slub Denim. I wonder if that means there will also be a Power Y in this fabric. Readers are commenting that the Wunder Unders in this fabric run really snug. Now that you have brought the subject up, I recall trying on denim luon tanks in the distant past and having the same reaction - too snug. I guess only a try on will tell.

This is from an Australian store so I'm not sure if these have already hit our stores or not. They are Run: For It crops with an Elevation Space Dye waistband. I don't recall seeing crops with that red zipper so I think they are new.

Still Groovy bag. I think this is the Coal Tinted Canvas print but I think other stores have been calling it a version of the Creekside camo print.

New Turbo Run Shorts in the Heathered Paris Pink Wee Stripe band and the White Coal Tinted Canvas band. I just saw a product alert showing Boogie shorts coming with the Tinted Canvas band, too.

The photo above gives us a little peek at the Deep V bra hidden under the front panel of the Cross My Heart tank.

A photo to show how well the Coal Tinted Canvas CRB looks with gray bottoms (Hot N Sweaty crops, in this case). I also like the print distribution in this CRB.

For spinning today I wore my Coal Tinted Canvas Energy bra with my Blurred Gray Dip Dye Spirit Tank. I thought they went together pretty well. I am happy to finally have a bra to put underneath this tank that can play off the colors in the tank.

This lulu ambassador makes the Hot N Sweaty tank look great. I wish lulu would use more of their ambassadors as web models. If you take a look at the ambassadors on the website they are a pretty impressive bunch.

The Latest - Paris Pink Swiftly tops, Power Ys, New Personal Best SS, and More

How cute are these Paris Pink Swiftly tops? I am a sucker for the Good N Plenty black, white, and hot pink color scheme. I am reading early feedback that these swiftlies are not bleeding like their Pow Pink predecessors did.

Now that I see more photos of it, maybe I will go back and get the Elevation Space Dye print Power Y. It seems to be flattering on everyone.

 One of the best photos I've seen yet showing the detail on the Limited Edition Cuddle Up.

The three new Stride Jackets - Black with White Coal Tinted Canvas Super Print, White Glacier Lace print, and the Special Edition Ruffled version.

 Cross My Heart tanks

 A good photo showing the "micro" part of the Micro Macro Black Striped CRB.

Not in North America yet but the Personal Best SS tee is coming back in Currant and what looks like white.

 I love this whole outfit: Paris Pink Hustle jacket, Run: Free Pant, and Destined for Greatness Duffel.

More Photos - Run: Insulator Pullover

A rare photo of the Black Insulator Pullover. This pullover is $158.

Shown with Coal Run: Free Pants

The Latest - Gratitude Wraps, Slub Denim Wunder Unders, and Glacier Lace Galore

The new Gratitude Wraps in Heathered Coal and Heathered Blurred Gray. I believe the Blurred Gray is the one on the right.

Astro WUs
Wunder Unders in the Black Deep Coal Slub Denim. I love these WUs - such a different look but, of course, you need the legs to pull them off.

The three tank options in the White Black Glacier Lace print (click to enlarge).

Want to catch people's attention? Show up to class in the Glacer Lace print CRB.

I love the pop of color the waistband adds to this outfit.

The full-on Glacier ensemble - White/Glacier lace Stride Jacket, Glacier Lace Power Y, and matching Glacier Grooves.

Photos - More Run: Turn Around Vest

Some more photos of the Run: Turn Around down-filled vest. The Turn Around Vest shown with the Turn Around Long sleeve top in this photo. The vest is $128.

Shown with the Currant Run Your Heart Out Pullovoer underneath