Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip - Heathered Tree Frog Lurv

I went to a couple of lulu stores today to check out the new CRB colors and other new goodies. The new CRB are all in colors that I had to see in person and try on before I brought any of them home. I liked all the new Heathered Colors - Heathered Tree Frog, Heathered Deep Camo, and Heathered Deep Coal. I ended up going home with the Heathered Tree Frog since it's a fun color and will really pop against many items currently in my wardrobe. I have jackets and hoodies in Plum, Potion Purple, Lolo, and Wish Blue that all will look great with this top underneath. I thought it would also look great layered under my black run pullovers.

The Heathered Deep Camo CRB was also very nice. The store had some Heathered Wren bottoms on the markdown rack and the two colors are very similar. Heathered Wren has a bit more white in it and is slightly lighter. I wish Heathered Deep Camo came out before I bought my solid Wren CRB. The Heathered Deep Coal was also very nice but not a color that gave me a real mood boost when I put it on. It's a great basic color but I have a Static Black CRB so I can live without Heathered Deep Coal.

The fabric content of the CRBs is slightly different as you can see from the tag photos above. The Heathered Deep Frog is 48% polyester, 45% nylon, and 7% lycra. The Heathered Deep Camo and Heathered Deep Coal are 44% polyester, 48% nylon, and 8% lycra. The Tree Frog was the softest and thicker feeling of the three I tried on. The other two felt slicker. I thought the fit was true to size, maybe a bit snugger than a regular light luon CRB.

I saw the Persian Purple Amphipod Handheld water bottle at the store today and the nylon holder and hair tie looked a lot more like Bold Blue to me than Power Purple or Casis. I'm hoping that it's just how Persian Purple comes up in those materials and we are going to see clothing in a color closer to Casis or Power Purple.

I got to see and try on the Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone Stride Jacket today and I really like the material. It has a bit of a texture and is very soft. I know this is a brushed luon so it feels softer on the inside anyway but the outside was soft, too.  The feel reminded me a lot of pique but a thicker version. I am not a Stride fan but if this comes in a Define, I might have to get it.

I saw the Heathered Black Swan Stride but I didn't really care for the color. The heathering dilutes the impact of the color and made it look like another gray to me. I'd really prefer items in solid Black Swan.

I saw the Deep Coal Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Scoop Neck tank and you can't see it but there are tiny horizontal lines of dark gray on a gray background. I like the look from far away but I wasn't a fan of the color up close in this tank. I might like it better in another top, though.

I tried on the Full Tilt crops tonight. Not the SE version but the version with the holster pockets on the thigh. I thought the luxtreme felt very thick/heavier weight compared to some of the luxtreme running crops I have sitting home in my drawer. I'm not in the market for luxtreme running crops but I thought they were nice enough.

I saw the new Triumph tote at the store, too, and took a good look at it. It has tons of pockets and a laptop sleeve. I even like it in the crazy Tree Frog/Wren camo pattern. I think it's fun to have an eye-catching bag. There is a Groove Bag in the same print.

I got to check out the new mens Cypress Pullover in the Plum/Slate Wee Stripe. I wanted to see it since the new Lilac Full Tilt Pullover is also a wee stripe and I was curious as to how stripes looked in the running luon fabric (I think lululemon is calling this fabric "rulu" in the men's line). I like wee stripes in a few items but it didn't do much for me in this color. What I really, really, really want is a solid black pullover with maybe circle mesh armpits and no giant reflective zipper down the front so I can layer fun colors and prints underneath and make a statement that way.

I saw the new bandana and really liked the look of the Creekside Camo print on the edging. I hope we see some more items with this print, it looks fun and a bit crazy.


yogibabe said...

Hope that the Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone Stride Jacket will be uploaded on the US site next week. Love it! Bum that only the Canadians get it this upload. :)

LuluAddict said...

@ yogibabe - It's in stores in the US but I guess that doesn't help you if you are not near a store.

Anonymous said...

The reason the luxtreme feels thicker is because it's power luxtreme. More supportive for the muscles PLUS it doesn't go see through when you bend over :-)