Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tadasana Slit Crop, Lilac Wee Stripe Stride, and More

More photos of the new Tadasana Slit Crop.

Some good full-length and close up photos showing the details on the SE Full Tilt crops.

A close up of the Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe  / Heathered Blurred Gray Cabin LS.

This is from an Australian product alert. It's the : Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe / Lilac Stride Jacket. I'm believe it's in also in North America.

The Deep Coal Heathered Wee Stripe Scoop Neck. I know this woman would probably look attractive wearing a burlap sack but the Scoop Neck tank looks really great on her.

I am really like the waistband on these grooves. I think it's because it has the citrony Tree Frog Green in it. A similar color is what led me to buy my first pair of Grooves in two years last spring:

I am hoping to visit the store tomorrow to check out the new CRBs, the Tadasana Slit crop, maybe those new Grooves, and the latest colors. I'm not sure what I'd like to see in the upload tomorrow but I hope there will be some surprises. What area you looking for?


Anonymous said...

quit with the dang ruffles! yuck!

Anonymous said...

WHOA, those ruffles are out of control. I bet they look pretty good when worn, but the close up is almost comical. And definitely not a fan of the Tadasana... don't know why anyone would want that slit in the back?

Anonymous said...

I'm saving all my money for new vinyasa scarves and the gratitude wraps. I almost bought a pair of heathered black wonder unders crops, but I passed because it's getting chilly out.

N said...

I bought a pair of these full tilt special edition ruffle crops. I thought they were cute, at first, but when I got home & tried them, I think the ruffle was too much. I love ruffles-I have the ruffle WUs, but this is a lot more ruffle in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Ruffles don't belong on workout gear, IMO. Are you working out or going to a tea party?