Monday, October 24, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Ariel Tank, It's Hot In Here Shorts and More

A few more photos of the new Heathered Smokey Rose Ariel tank and one the Black Swan version
(thanks, Kate). It's also coming in black and heathered coal. One of my product alerts says it goes to sizes 2-12 but those are notoriously error prone. I seem to recall the Ariel only going to a 10 when it was out two years ago but I may be wrong. (Another product alert says 2-10 which I'm more inclined to believe). The price is $58.

Ariel Tank product info:
  • Bring grace to your yoga class in this low support elegant tank
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon® light fabric - soft, lightweight, breathable coverage
  • Adjustable elastic straps allow you to choose the length right for you
  • Top of tank is made with luon for extra support
  • Bottom of tank is made of luon light, for extra breathability
  • Chafe-resistant flat seams

 A couple of photos of the Equanimity Pant. The bottom photo is the deep camo pique version.

New Lulu pants in Heathered Deep Camo and Heathered Deep Coal.

New Acro crops in Deep Camo. I saw these in the store last week and they are gorgeous. The only concern is what to pair them with other than black. Maybe Tree Frog and the new Smokey Rose pink?

New It's Hot in Here shorts.

Product Info:
  • Here's a low rise 'short short' for a hot class that allows you to focus on you practice, and not your shorts
  • Outer short is sheer luon® fabric is ultra light with stretch, breathability & wicking performance
  • Inner short is 4-way stretch power luxtreme™ fabric with inherent wicking & high LYCRA® fibre content for maximum support
  • Soft elastic waistband will not dig in
  • Preshrunk
  • Sizes 2-10 
 New Spin Me Tank colors are out: Heathered Lilac (pictured), Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe/Ghost, and Black Swan/Heathered Black Swan.

There is a new Heathered Black Power Y out, too. I might have to get that since I collect Power Ys in all variations of black/gray.
     New modal top for men called the Binary Crew. I am thinking of this for my husband for Christmas.

    Product Info:
    • Classic reversible crew - two garments in one
    • Double-knit fabric provides breathability & reversibility
    • Certified organic cotton blended with modal for a super soft, next-to-skin feel
    • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
    • Preshrunk so there are no surprises when washed


    Anonymous said...

    do the Equanimity Pants come in a 12 in store?

    yogibabe said...

    Love the Smokey Rose but I don't think I will be getting the Ariel. Not loving the look, somehow. Hope that Smokey Rose will be in other tanks. I will get the Black Swan/ Heathered BS in the Spin Me though. Have about three Spin Me and love it. But I do wish they would bring back Push Ur Limits. As much as I like SM, I still love PUL more!

    Anonymous said...

    Hope Solo is wearing Lululemon on Dancing With The Stars tonight! :)

    LuluAddict said...

    @ anon 4:15 - All the PNs I saw show the Equanimity pants only up to a 12. However, make sure to check the on line store when they are uploaded, sometimes extended sizes show up there. It's a tight fitting pant, though, so sometimes lulu only goes up to 10s in that style.

    losing in lulu said...

    Loving the deep camo pants! May be getting either the Lulus or the equanimity (if it goes to 12).

    Anonymous said...

    What the heck? Have been waiting to order the WU reversible pants (Friday is pay day!). I decided to order the GW first, figuring the pants would be available after checking online daily to check stock. I cannot remember if I checked online yesterday for them specifically (although it would be odd if I didn't, I did use the site), I KNOW I did Sunday. Sunday they had all sizes available- this morning they are off site. It would appear they sold out- if I had only seen the sizes disappear I would have not waited to purchase. Have not checked stores, hopefully they were not an online only item.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon 5:36am, often when an item mysteriously "disappears" from the website, it comes back shortly thereafter in We Made Too Much at a discount. I don't know if this is the case for the pants you are talking about, but check there.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon 7:41am, thanks! I did wonder that- but they weren't there yet.. also, the WU reversible pants have not been out that long on this round, so it would be odd...

    The WU reversible crops were in loot not so long ago, but pants just came out for the season.

    Anonymous said...

    Hmm, that's strange about the pants then. I am sure they will come back soon. Maybe they are coming out with a new color and repricing? Hopefully not repricing though. A month ago the crb's all disappeared, and then they came back repriced a few dollars higher, new colors and old colors. At any rate, just keep checking the site and I'm sure your WUs will come back because surely they did not sell out in all sizes all at once.