Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Newest - Pacesetter Skirt, Live Simply Jacket, Brisk Run Gloves and More

The Pace Setter Skirt in Ghost Heathered Coal Herringbone.

Define in Heathered Black Swan. (A reader points out the Heathered Black Swan Define photo I posted earlier had the dark lulu symbol go all the way to the neck) OK, I just saw more photos of this from a different store and they called it Heathered Black Swan. It certainly has a purple tone to it.

Some more photos of the new Run: Free Crops. Some people were wondering if the ruching on the sides added bulk but I think it might be a slimming element, especially when viewed from the side. I always like a side seam to break up the view.

New Brisk Run gloves in Heathered Coal.

Deep Camo Live Simply

Some great photos showing the design details on the Ghost Live Simply jacket.


N said...

I'm super paranoid about adding bulk around my thighs, but I tried the Run: free crops, and I ended up buying them. They're actually quite slimming, and they're even cuter in person. The black swan waistband is really pretty with the black. I also found them to be very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that there is not two Define in Heathered Black Swan coming out as the one in this post is not the same as in this picture that you posted earlier on Monday:

There is no black lines going up from the lulu symbol to the neck.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:55 pm - good catch. Maybe this one is the Deep Coal Heathered Wee Stripe but it looks a bit purplish in this photo.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Live Simply in Black Swan today, and it is SUCH a better choice than the busy Gratitude Wrap.

Jennifer Halter said...

I tried on the Live Simply jacket today in Black Swan. I absolutely ADORED the colour, but wasn't crazy about the fit of this jacket. It is really long, and I had to go UP to a size 8 to get it over my hips. Then I felt the rest of the jacket was too big. I think it might fit better on less hippy people.

Anonymous said...

I wish the LS Deep Camo was really that color in the above photo....like an Ivy green. But in other photos it looks more brown and wren looking.

julia19 said...

The Live Simply Jacket in Ghost is absolutely gorgeous but I'd be afraid of getting it dirty or something..