Monday, October 3, 2011

New Scubas - Black Swan and Black Swan Dip Dye

A few photos of a new Scuba in solid Black Swan. I really like the dark purple. I wish the logo contrasted a little more. Not sure if I "need" another Scuba, though.

A better photo of the Black Swan Dip Dye Scuba. I think I might like this better than the solid Black Swan.

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yogibabe said...

Love the Black Swan Scuba. But, I too, do not "need" another Scuba since it's quite thick for my area's moderate winter. Perhaps the herringbone brushed Stride will do! Those are very tempting! As for the $78 Movement Neck Warmer...I'd rather save my money for a jacket. Maybe a Scuba, after all!!! Love the comparison to Emperor Palpatine, though! Or the "evil" Anakin-although "I am still not a Jedi!" ;)