Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW! Equanimity Pant, Launching in US Nov. 8th & A New Print

It was anounced on the Ivivva website that the e-commerce store for the US will open November 8th. I'm psyched because I have two nieces who take ballet. The older one shares her mom's lulu but I think it would be fun to get her lulu aimed at her own age. Ivvia goes up to size fourteen so ladies who take size two, four, and six in Lululemon might be able to fit into some of the Ivivva products. Here is a comparison of Lulu to Ivivva:

On the left is a lululemon size four and on the right an Ivivva sized fourteen. The Ivivva tank is about one and three quarters inches shorter than the lulu. (Thanks to Jaime for this photo.)

Spotted in the latest issue of Oxygen magazine - a possible new print. It looks very similar to the Black Citron Tinted Canvas print from last spring except with lilac this time. Granted, I really liked the Tinted Canvas print and the coordinating color palette and ended up buying ten pieces of it but I wouldn't mind a totally new print. (Thanks to Terri for spotting this ad.)

 New Equanimity Pant coming in black and black denim luon.

Product Info:
  • Maintain your calm & collected self in this tight fit pants with a bunched hem in all your life practices'
  • Our signature 4-way stretch, cotton-feel luon® fabric is breathable
  • Mid-rise, smooth, soft waistband
  • Waistband inner stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • Preshrunk so the look of this garment stays true

They look kind of similar to the Energize Pant, one of my cold weather favorites:


Anonymous said...

I like that these pants have the logo at the top rather than on the leg - I might be able to wear them with tunics/longer sweaters to work!!

Anonymous said...

Love these pants! Look similar to the city beat...except for the detailing on the lower leg. I wonder how else they're different? I missed out on the city beat :(

Anonymous said...

Yeah i want to know how they differ too. Also, can we run in them?!?
I'd love a RUNNING pant (NOT crop) that has either a straight leg or a bunched leg...

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice the new WU don't come in size 12?! I'm pretty said not to get the Herringbone but I don't think I can do a 10.

Anonymous said...

Hoped to see the Live Simply on the upload today

watchlaurago said...

So excited to explore ivviva some more!!

PS check out Reese Witherspoon's amazing lululemon outfit

Anonymous said...

I just came from trying on the dog runner pants. Major disappointment. They looked like they were going to fit amazingly well, but too bad, they PULL in weird directions! Waist fit, couldn't go up a size. But they pull oddly at the hips. I normally wear a size 6 in Dance Studio Pants and all other lulu pants in general. Inner tights on Dog Runners are really soft though. I just can't buy something I don't LOVE, especially if the fit is off! Sizing up = WAY too big.It's a fit issue. Definitely something to try on before buying.

Anonymous said...

The dog Runner Pants are cheap looking imo, the inside leg is thin it will not keep you warm in cold weather.

The Cuddle Ups are the same as last year weird looking neck and stiff as ever.

Anonymous said...

This is totally unrelated to this post but......has anyone noticed that in the WMTM section the Wunder Under Crop*Light has been sold out for over a MONTH and it's still up? On the category page it shows 2 photos of colors that aren't even the right one, then when you click on it a different color displays that's sold out.
Doesn't anyone who works there ever look at their website? It has been like that for a month! The web team is so incompetent it's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the Dog Runner pant didn't pull around the hips...I noticed that too in some of the photos. I wouldn't be able to pull it off.