Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Photos - Triumphant Tote, Cabin LS, and More

A reader photo of the Tree Frog Creekside Camo print Triumphant Tote (thanks to Rose!).

Another photo of the Triumphant Tote - In Tree Frog Green and Wren

Product Notice photo of the Black Swan Cabin Longsleeve top. I don't think this one has a contrasting reverse color.

This is the Heathered Coal / Black Cabin longsleeve. It reverses to solid black.

This is the Lilac Coal Wee Stripe / Heathered Coal Cabin.

I've posted these photos already but this is the Ghost Blurred Gray Mini Stripe / Heathered Blurred Gray Cabin LS.

Heathered Deep Coal CRB. I might have to add this one to my collection.

Deep Coal Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Scoop Neck Tank

A good close up of what the new Heathered Tree Frog color looks like.

New Winter Quilt 1 Groove waistband. I can't overstate how much I love Groove pants. I think I am going to be developing quite a collection of them this winter. However, I wish they'd put the colorful band on the bottom ring so it had a chance of peeping out from under my tops.

Another photo of the Dark Slate Black Houndstooth West Coast hoodie. I love this hoodie. Too bad my husband finds them too thick and bulky.

Brisk Run cap

A few more photos of the Movement Neck Warmer.

Movement Toque

The Black Swan Scuba. For some reason this Scuba looks very flat and matte to me and strikes me as one that might fade easily. I find the Lolo and Plum Scubas from last much more richly colored, almost glowing:

Lolo and Senorita Scubas (released last year)
Plum Scuba (older color)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if anything else is being made in the Rose Petal color besides the Scuba Hoodie?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Senorita Scubas!? Is that color pretty close to the pow pink?? I NEED!!

Anonymous said...

U should def READ the blog, not just look at the pix b/c she definately implied that Lolo is an old colour, she posted the pic as comparison only... And seƱorita is a little darker than pow pink. It was out in 2010... Hasn't made a return yet... Sorry

Canadian eh said...

Not buying anything in Plum is a really big regret of mine. They rolled it out in a few items I didn't *need* and I kept waiting for some lovely things in Plum that never came... :(

Can you imagine a beautiful running luon pullover or scarf in Plum????

Anonymous said...

So tempted by the lilac coal wee stripe cabin ls, but I much prefer the black swan one, which is not in my store yet :(

Anonymous said...

But there is a Heathered Rode Petal Scuba that just came out last week..It is beautiful and looks similar to Senorita...Is anything else been mentioned in the Rose Petal color?

Olivia said...


Anonymous said...

There is a plum/ black swan stride out!!!!! wow its nice!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the plum stride in the US?

LoMo said...

I don't get the muted color kick that lulu is on. It's so drab and blah. And that camo print looks hideous, at least on that bag.

J in TO said...

I have the plum scuba from earlier this year (pictured in the last photo), and I have a deep purple (lo lo?) from late 2010/early 2011 -- but my temptation is the black swan stride (with herringbone detail). I also like the neck warmer, but for $78 -- no flippin' way!

Nicole said...

My store still doesn't have a lot of the new stuff, but I did buy the CRB that is lilac/ heathered coal microstriped, the brisk run hat, and the special edition full tilt crop in the black/heathered coal.

The new manifesto t feels like it is made of an even more delicate fabric than the ones that came out a few weeks ago. I mean, it feels like it would take next to nothing to tear it. Am I imagining this?

I really want the lilac/heathered coal cabin, and the plum stride!!!

Nicole said...

I just realized the brisk run cap is reversible (not sure how I missed that). I love it even more!

Anonymous said...

OK I will be getting the tree frog crb and the cabin tee.

Stefanie Joy said...

I LOVE the wee stripe cabin tee, and I'm on board with heathered coal anything. Dangit, I was going to try to boycott Lulu because of their high prices, but they're making it very difficult!

Anonymous said...

In the pictured CRB the logo isn't in its usual spot. Does anyone know where the logo is now located?

Anonymous said...

Oh....nevermind! I see it, its just hiding :)