Monday, October 31, 2011

Close Up of Heathered Black Swan Plum Stripe Scuba & More

Ok, this is more like it. Now that I've seen the close up version I'm pretty sure I can live without this Scuba. I have a solid plum that I love and this one is pretty close. Currant Scuba, you are back on top of my list.

A photo of the White Heathered Blurred Gray Classic Stripe Scuba on a person. I can live without this one, too. I really like a wider stripe pattern in my Scubas, like last year's poncho stripe:

Why didn't I get this last year when I had the chance? Drats!

I'm not sure if the middle Define is a brand new Black Stripe Pique Define but I think it might be. When I find out for sure I will update this post.

FYI, Heathered Smokey Rose and Heathered Persian Purple don't look that great paired with each other.


Anonymous said...

i love the currant colour and i love define jackets... but i am wondering if people find themselves wearing their more basic/neutral colours of jackets (black or grey) more often than their very colourful ones (which may not match as easily)?

Anonymous said...

So confused about what to get on Thursday - love currant. Should I get a scuba? CRB? Is the stripe going to be downloaded?

Anonymous said...

Wish the scubas were longer...too short on me!

yogibabe said...

I know what you mean LLA, in regards to the wider stripes in the Scubas. I was lucky enough to get that Grey Poncho Stripe from last year and I love it. Have all kinds of scubas, but wish Lulu will come out with some that has nice prints/stripes, other than micro stripes. Love my Snowy Owl ones too!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:37...I just tried on the currant define at my store and it was too bright on me. It looked beautiful but I knew I would never wear it because I tend to be drawn to more neutral colors when it comes to jackets. I wear my black define all the time and recently bought the deep camo pique define (which by the way looks lovelyyy with brown hair and green eyes:))

Instead of the currant define I bought the currant scoop neck and the plum/heathered plum scoop neck! Both are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The currant red is even more gorgeous in person!

The brushed pique is more black. It looks like the striped side of the Vinyasa scarf. i got this jacket..soft, nice fit...couldn't pass it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't that skinny grey striped scuba exactly like the one they can't get rid of in the loot section? Why release so many versions of the same thing? So confused.