Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today's Upload

I'm taking the lazy way out today and just posting a screen shot of some of the items that were uploaded this morning. With the exception of the City Beat pants that I know some people were looking for, it was an exceptionally lame upload. I don't know if stuff has been stuck in customs or at the manufacturers or whatever but the new arrivals at the stores and on the website have been pretty weak. I certainly hope some new colors, prints, and new designs (especially in tanks and tops) will be coming soon. I am quite bored with what lulu is currently offering. A new print would get me really jazzed up. I am curious to see what items the new colors Black Swan, Tree Frog Green, and Currant will come in. I am thinking it might be just a CRB and a Scuba jacket and that is it. That seems to have been the trend lately. It's good for my bank account but boring for a lulu addict.


Anonymous said...

I just "discovered" lulu this year, and I am wondering what is up with the re-release of the No Limit tank this week and the similar Let it Loose tank 3 weeks ago? In the same colors as when they first came out in the spring. Is this normal?

I really, really hope that the new plum is not Black Swan. I'm hoping for a richer colored plum.

What a sucky upload today!

LuluAddict said...

Based on the photo of the Black Swan Stride in the previous post, it looks like a deep purple color not a plum.

I don't know why the No Limit and Let It Loose are making a comeback. I'm wondering if they didn't sell that well in Australia (they are on opposite seasons to us) and they brought them back to North America.

Anonymous said...

Excited to see the City Beat...but the rest is blah

Anonymous said...

Hmm - where is the black denim city beat??

Anonymous said...

What have you guys found to be the typical mailing timeframe now that Lulu doesn't ship on weekends? I ordered something this afternoon and I'm hoping they at least get it on the road for me tomorrow so I have it by this time next week... Before the weekend stall, it used to take an exact week, so I don't know if it still will?