Monday, September 12, 2011

Silver Luon is Back!

These photos don't look like anything special but each identified the material as contacting silver x-static which I believe makes them what lulu called Silver Luon back in January. From top to bottom, Grooves, Power Y, and Wunder Unders.  Although skeptical when it first came out, I really like the Silver Luon fabric and am glad it's back. I ended up buying three tanks made from the Silver Luon fabric - the Challenge Tank, a Silver Hot Class tank, and the Foundation tank. Silver luon feels slightly thicker than regular luon, which makes it more supportive, but it isn't hotter and I think the wicking and breathability is better. I hope there are some new jackets coming in Silver Luon, too. Since my husband has started wearing more lulu to the gym I can attest that the silver threads do a good job of containing odor.


Anonymous said...

does this material suede/pill less than the regular luon? or the same?

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Silver Luon has advantages you can detect when wearing it?