Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Not Much Brand New Stuff

I'm kind of disappointed there was one brand new item hitting the stores yesterday, the Full Tilt Tight. Other than that, we got a heads up on Friday about the new Ahead of the Curve Jacket. Here are some photos of the new arrivals.

Full Tilt Coal/Heathered Coal

The new Full Tight running tight comes in Black, Coal/Heathered Coal and Coal/Lilac Heathered Coal Wee Stripe/Lilac.

There is a new Get Down Vest in Ghost and Magnum. It's really pretty but too warm for my climate.

The Heathered Lavender Gray Cool Racerback. It looks gray in these photos but in real life it's definitely more lavender than gray. I got to try it on last week but I don't really care for this color. I have the Heathered Pigeon luxtreme CRB and that one is a true silvery gray.

The pleats are peeking out from underneath her arm.

Some more photos of the Ahead of the Curve Jacket.

Product Info:

  • Lined track jacket designed to take you to & from your early morning fall runs!
  • DWR swift® (durable water repellent) is quick drying, lightweight with 2-way stretch
  • Lined with anti-stink circle mesh for added breathability
  • Running luon® cuffs with thumbholes keep your hands warm
  • Reflective cuff detail for low-light visibility
  • Secure invisible zipper pockets
 Photos of the Coal Shale Stripe and solid Black Ahead of the Curve Jackets.

Wunder Groove Crops in Heathered Charcoal/Lavender Gray/Heathered Lavender Gray. I have rediscovered a love for my sole pair of Wunder Unders in my drawer. However, they do cause a bit of muffin top. I have heard the Wunder Grooves are better at controlling that.

This isn't brand new but photos of the Black Essential Jacket have been tough to come by. I really like the simplicity of this jacket. If you are in the market for a lightweight wind breaker you should consider the Essential.


strawb3rries said...

The essential jacket looks way too small in the chest. I don't think i should even try it :-/

Olivia said...

I absolutely LOVE Wunder Unders - they are my wardrobe staple for spring/summer/fall thanks to looking good with workout clothes, casual wear, and running shoes, flip flops, or even boots! I have the Wish Blue/Black reversible ones which only increase their wearability. My only problem is I've definitely tightened up in the belly/waist and legs since buying them in Spring on markdown so they are now a little loose :(

However, when they get ridiculously loose I will have no problem paying the full price for them - cause they rock!

Anonymous said...

Totally OT - but if anyone watches the Biggest Loser, the host and 2 of the trainers (Anna Kournikova and the new guy, Dolvett) all wore Lulu pieces.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 8:25 am - Thanks! I heard that, too. I'll have to tune in from now on to see if more pops up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah-I watched Biggest Loser last night and noticed the Lulu they all wore, plus Bob also had Lulu shorts on.

I tried on the Full Tilt Tight yesterday. I found it to fit snug, which is good-they felt like they'd be warm, and supportive, for a cool day run. I also thought they ran a bit long, but I'm also on the shorter side. They looked good, but I didn't think they flattered by butt like the tilt crop.

I disagree with LLA-I think the lavender gray looks more gray, but I'm also not the best when it comes to identifying colors:-)

Anonymous said...

I am non-plussed by all the "new" stuff from lululemon.

J in TO said...

Nothing is tempting me this week. I was more excited by the last big change in the loot offerings!

I spotted some lulu items on a Canadian show called Battle of the Blades this week. A couple of the figure skaters were wearing lulu -- pink scuba, rocksteady define, dance headband, and possibly bottoms too, but it was too hard to tell.

MandyPots said...

I picked up the Essential jacket in Rocksteady. It's very simple, but I am happy with it. I have been wearing it as a to/from and it will be great under a vest in cooler weather. It is definitely roomy in the shoulders as compared to other jackets and in proportion to the chest and belly. It may be a size up item, but then you may have puffy shoulders.

Anonymous said...

I am tempted to try the groove WUs. I usually wear the regular kind and they do cut in a little at the top. Btw, has anyone noticed a difference in the quality of luon lately? I just received my order of heathered black WU crops today. The material is scratchy, thin, and doesn't feel soft like my other 6 pairs. I also have an astro WU in heathered black and those feel like the normal luon I'm used to. Plus the heathering is different and the material just looks totally different in general. Oh, and they came with the theft deterrent tag on them, in the mail right from lulu! I am so disappointed and they are going back. Btw, the Ahead of the Curve jacket is pretty cute from the front view, but I do not think I could pull off the back - it would look bad on me.

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite bottom is the wunder groove. Definitely give them a try, they do help with muffin top and don't slip down as much as wunder under. I have 4 pairs of wunder groove and 1 wunder under and never wear the wunder under. I am a size 4 in wunder groove (these fit tighter than groove pants) and my wunder under is a size 2 as the 4 felt like it would slip down. I much prefer the wunder groove fit. Maybe the size 2 wunder under is a little small for me, I don't know, but they just are not as flattering. Especially if your problem area is more belly than other areas, I think you will like the wunder groove.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon 8:38! I will try the wunder under grooves then. I have to wear my WU regulars tight (thus a tad uncomfortable in the waist), or else they will slide down constantly. I will definitely try the WU grooves!