Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photos of the Full Tilt Pullover and Longsleeve, See Me Ride Tight

Photos of the new Full Tilt Pullover in the Heathered Lavender Gray. The price is $98. It also comes in heathered black and heathered muted mauve. (Thanks, Michelle!)

Full Tilt Longsleeve in Clear Sky with Weightless Skirt
Reflective fuffles at the cuff

Photos of the Heathered Clear Sky Full Tilt longsleeve. The Ghost top, above, was identified as the pullover but the pullover doesn't have a horizontal band at the bottom so this is another Full Tilt long sleeve. Also, the pullover has cuffins and the long sleeve doesn't. You can see the zipper pocket. The full tilt long sleeve is cute but I'm not sure about the boat neckline. If I am chilled enough to put on a running luon top, it's not going to help to have my neck/shoulders exposed. I learned this the hard way when I bought the henley a couple of years ago. I hate the wind whistling down my neck. I'll have to give a try on, though. I love both the ghost and the clear sky version. The longsleeve is $78.

See Me Ride Tight with Full Tilt Pullover
I find full length tights too warm for southern california so these are a pass for me.


Anonymous said...

The ghost top in the close up pic looks like it could indeed be the run full tilt. If you look at lulumum's pics and post, you can see that it does have a horizontal band. I suspect the curly ginger lady (she looks a little like Carol Burnett!) has tucked it under to show the detail on the skirt.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know which stores already have the Full Tilt Pullovers? None of my local/day drive stores have them and I NEED this asap!

49 and looking forward to 50! said...

Love seeing mature women rocking Lululemon. More 40+ models and educators please.

Anonymous said...

I bought it in Troy, MI

Anonymous said...

Hey I know the red haired woman she is always walking around town everywhere in her cute workout clothes!!

Anonymous said...

That Full Tilt long sleeve has an odd, ill-fitted looking neck line. It appears as if it is being worn backwards in those photos. Poor design yet again. While I own many Power Ys, Define jackets, and Wunder Unders...many of Lululemon's designs are gimmicky and/or poorly made.