Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos - Heathered Raspberry Scuba, Appreciation Pant, and More

A nice photo of the new Heathered Raspberry Scuba. I got my Black Snowy Owl Scuba today. The reports are right, it is very soft. I'm pretty sure I will be keeping it but I won't take the tags off just yet in case better color or print comes out in the next two weeks but I doubt it. The weather hit one hundred degrees here so I won't have a chance to wear it for awhile. Oh yes, if you live in the LA area and are looking for Scubas, the Santa Monica store had about five or six in each size. They were older pastel colors but if you haven't tried one on before it's the one place in Southern California that has a bunch in stock.

Although I kind of poo-pood the Muted Mauve Stripes Galore Power Y the more I see it in photos, the more I like it. I'll have to give it a try when I am next in the store.

Flow Ys in Heathered Rocksteady and Muted Mauve Stripes Galore.

 Full Tilt Crops in Coal and Muted Mauve.

I think this is the first time I have seen this. The Full Tilt crops have stripes in Heathered Black to coordinate with your matching Heathered Black Pullover. 

Muted Mauve and Rocksteady Define Jacket.


Anonymous said...

Those appreciation pants look way too tight through the thighs. Is that how they fit?

Anonymous said...

HATE the appreciation pant.

Anonymous said...

Bought the Full Tilt crops on Tuesday. They are great - a bit longer than the Inspires, but they will be perfect for fall running. The stitching on them is super flattering.

Olivia said...

Agreed, hate the appreciation pant...doesn't looks good on any photos I've seen so far, with warped looking back pockets...

Also, I tried on the Heathered Raspberry Scuba but it was a no go for me cause I couldn't stand the accent colour of Lavender Grey on the inside paired with it! Went with Heathered Pig Pink Scuba instead :)

Anonymous said...

There is no heathered raspberry scuba. It is heathered rose petal. Just saying.