Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Photos of New Items - Black Swan Stride, Currant, and More

The new Black Swan color is hard to pin down. I read it looks purplish in real life but, in other photos, it looks grayish. These are a new Stride in Heathered Black Swan/Black Swan Herringbone. It's a brushed Stride Jacket.

I think this is the new Black Swan Swiftly. It looks a lot like my lolo one in this photo. I suppose it could be Royalty. Black Swan looks a lot darker in the product alert photo:

Black Swan Swiftly
Ok, a real life photo of the new Black Swan Swiftly in good lighting. It's a blackish purple. (Thanks, Ms. X)

New scarf in what looks like that Currant color.

I'm not sure if these are new colors or the store got older stock from another store. Photos of these were just uploaded today. It looks like a Pique In Stride and a Heathered Something Define. It could be Heathered Blurred Gray but maybe it's that Heathered Green we saw in the Scoop Neck in the previous post.. I'll update when I find out more.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these pics! Man, Black Swan is an enigma.

Tracy said...

I was able to try on the Stride Jacket in Black Swan- so purrty but not for me because I am 5'3" and hippy so it did not look good on me. I was told it'll come in Define so I'll just wait for that.

I did get the Scoop Neck Tank in Lilac with wee stripes, the Manifesto LS, and the Flow Y bra in lilac. I think it was a successful trip.

Oh, there was a new tote at the showroom called "The Triumphant Tote" in black (not to be confused with the current Triumph Tote). I was not able to get a picture because I was only shown it quickly but it had the pleats like the travel pooch, the handles have the pleather like material on the inside, and it's smaller than the triumph tote but it's still $118.

Also found out today some stores will be getting the mat in the tree frog color. I was going to buy the Manduka Travel Pro Lite mat for $82 but after seeing the color on here and having heard the news from a store educator, I am waiting until next week.

As always, thanks LLA! Love the updates!

Anonymous said...

i love the currant scarf!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy - any more thoughts on the color of Black Swan for those of us without a store nearby? :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a lulu angel in canada who is trustworthy? I really want to scuba hoodie in the ghost grouned nesting blackbird but it is sold out in the us in a size 6. Any insights would be much appreciated. Idk why lulu doesn't restock popular items and stop making ugly, expensive ones. Initially I wanted the see me ride commuter pants, because I thought they would be similar to my down time pants, but not for $148! That is a good pair of jeans.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon - Nancy Quan is a great angel in Canada. She is based in Vancouver and has access to the Lulu Lab in addition to several stores. On the right side of my blog is a link for more lulu resources. You can find her on Facebook (Your Personal Lulu Shopper - apply for membership) or contact her directly via email at

Anonymous said...

Just saw some crb's in loot--and flow y's -- other than that purchase-- I am also on hiatus. I'm set for the winter....and am not interested in spending the big bucks on some of these items. Lulu has the right to raise their prices and we have the right to not buy anything!!!Lulu if you are listening "your customers are mad"--its their choice if they want to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

wow - and those city beat pants are in loot, too. wow

Anonymous said...

I find the colors this season are dull compared to other retailers who are selling very colorful items in rich purples are greens. The styles are too frilly and expensive for what they are.

Also I find the stores are upselling too much (pushy),sales must be down.

Anonymous said...

Hmm very curious about black swan.

Yes. Everyone, if we want Lululemon to listen to us, we've got to vote with our wallets. STOP buying altogether or be super discriminative of the things you DO choose to buy. Don't buy sale unless you would pay full price for it.

I mean, really, Lululemon? You are making a fortune off of us either way, why hike the prices? You make clothing to help people lead happier healthier lives. And guess what? People generally don't live happier and healthier lives if they are stressed out about their bank account. Maybe you should read your own manifesto back to yourself. Kharma. Show a little compassion to your loyal customer base during a trying economic time in this country.

And obviously people are boycotting the scubas. I feel as though that particular price hike is just an insult to my intelligence. You can hold onto those overpriced hoodies.