Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Try On Report - Silver Bullet & Warrior 1 Tanks

I tried on the Silver Bullet tank in Magnum and Dewberry today and like many people have said, this is a tank you should probably size down in. I even tried two sizes down to see how it looked. The whole tank is very loose fitting, particularly through the back and I don't have a broad back. The neck and armpits dip a bit low. I found the tank too boxy for my tastes. If I didn't have three Energy SL tanks in my closet, I might consider getting this since they are both very similar - loose fitting, breathable tanks that you wear your own bra under - but I do so these are an easy pass for me. The only color I really liked in this tank was the Dewberry, the other colors are kind of dull. If I spot a Dewberry Silver Bullet on the markdown rack I might get it.

I tried on a black Warrior 1 tank. It only goes to a ten so I was squishing out the sides and top of the tank. The black seemed to be make of power luxtreme all over but it could be the black luxtreme runs a bit thicker. I like the tank a lot and the multiple straps seem very supportive, if a little complicated to take off. All in all, it's a decent, supportive, not overly-revealing tank and I wish they had make it in a twelve.


Anonymous said...

I tried on the Silver Bullet tank, and it looked horrible on my pear shape. It was very loose on top and in the waist, but it was snug in the hips. Not a good look. I wish it had been cut with a more A-line shape. Oh well. My store had a few Let It Loose tanks left, so I picked up one of those.

Sheila said...

I got the silver bullet tank in royalty today - had to go one size down. LOVE the color! Wearing it to exercise class tomorrow night!