Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photos of the Full Tilt Pullover, See Me Ride 7/8th Tight and More

(Click for a larger view)
Ok, I definitely think I need this pullover. I love the neutral color of Lavender Gray. I hope this makes it on line or to my local store soon.

New See Me Ride 7/8th Tight. They are too long for me but nice for a fall running or riding pant.

New Run: Weightless Skirt in Black.

I finally found a good photo of the Muted Mauve Stripes Galore Power Y. I might get a Rocksteady Stripes Galore version if they have one.

I think I forgot to post that the Power Pose crops are back. These are Heathered Gray.

New minimal coverage Dignity bra. It's made of luxtreme.


RunMama said...

LA, does the PTA know you are the Lululemon Addict? Just curious :-)

Liking some of the new stuff, feel like I want the Full Tilt LS as the length looks nice and long this year over previous years' running luon LSs.

Anonymous said...

Yay power pose are back!

Anonymous said...

stupid question - what does "7/8 tight" mean?

Second dumb question - has anyone seen the "Apres Piste" jacket? I think this will negate all my previous discussions of whether i should get the Weather or Not jacket because the AP jacket is supposedly water repellent AND looks like it is meant for winter. I shudder to think what it will cost though - probably like $400 or something ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Haha I was wondering the same thing about the name of the 7/8 tight ... I'm not sure.

However, what I AM sure about is that I want those Power Pose crops and Full Tilt pullover. And to win the lottery :)

LuluAddict said...

@ RunMamma - There aren't a ton of ladies at my school who wear lulu and none are as into as me so they probably don't even know about the blog. I've "come out" to a few people but I'm sure they aren't on here.

I thought the 7/8 had something to do with the length because they are a long tight.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the skirt. Does anyone know if it hit stores yet or when? The upload this morning was disappointing!

Anonymous said...

7/8 -- I think it's the fraction of the leg coverage! like a 3/4 sleeve.
I have only seen pictures of the Apres Piste. It looks nice. I'm sure it will be at least $300. The description didn't say whether it is down filled. I guess it is their competitor for the Aritsia/TNA parka (aprrox $275). I've always wanted a TNA parka, but I have a problem paying that much if it isn't down filled (I'm in Canada -- I need warmth for my money!).
I did cave and bought the tweed Weather or Not yesterday. I shouldn't have tried it on!

Anonymous said...

is Aritsia/TNA a canadian brand? I'm in the US so I've never heard of it. Over here in new england, the North Face Metropolitan coat is the ubiquitous winter down coat.. i am getting sick of seeing them everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. 9:12: Yes, Aritsia/TNA is another super trendy Vancouver brand. The sell jeans, casual stuff, sweaters, but also have very trendy yoga pants and hoodies, with a very recognizable logo on the hood or waist band. They have really nice parkas, with the same logo on the hood. Their "yoga" stuff isn't really technical though, I think they are more fashion than function. I don't own a pair though, so I can't really say for sure. I do have a couple of hoodies and wool sweaters. The hoodies are really nice, but not as great as the scuba!

Anonymous said...

What's the scoop on the Power Pose crop? How do they compare to the WU crop? They look cute!