Monday, August 8, 2011

Dewberry Run For Your Life Pullover and Turbo Tank and More New Things

Ok, I'm not a fan of the non-zip asymmetrical neck but I like the Run For Your Life Pullover in this color a lot. Too much. I'll have to try this on although I think the neckline makes busty people look even wider up top. Like, line backer wide but I'll give it a try.

 Here is a photo of the solid Dewberry Turbo tank. The bra is dewberry, too, not black like I speculated yesterday. I would think there is a good chance we'd see a solid Royalty Turbo tank, too. It's pretty but looked awful on me so a pass.

New Special Edition Vest Scuba in Black. I think the print is the squiggly nesting black bird print but I can't be sure.

I didn't realize the Be Me Tee is so much longer in the back than the front. Another shirt with a tail. I'm not really getting all the "tails" in the designs lately.

I think I'm going to have to try these on when they get to my store. All the photos I've seen make the Method pants look so cute.

Photos of the new Run For Your Life Skirt in Snowy Owl


Anonymous said...

Don't you ink the 'tails' is part if the peacock/bird theme? Lol Ellen

Anonymous said...

That skirt looks like a torture device!

Anonymous said...

The SE scuba hoodie/vest is mine!!! I have to have it. I also need the heathered dewberry vinyasa scarf. Loving that CRB too and the pullover in Dewberry. Ugh, my aching wallet! sigh...

Elle said...

I bought that SE scuba vest. I love it! It is SO flattering!